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The following completely imaginary story takes place during early 2002 and involves some of the young male stars from the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". The story is in no way intended to reflect or imply anything about the personality or the sexuality of any real life person.


"Tell you what, Dan, I'm knackered," sighed Rupert Grint, allowing himself to collapse backwards onto his bed.

Daniel Radcliffe nodded. "Yeah, it's been a long day." He sat down on his own bed, leaning forwards with his elbows on his knees and gave a yawn. "I suppose we'd better get changed and get some sleep. Breakfast is at seven in the morning."

"Seven? Hell! Why do we always get the early scenes? You hardly ever even see Maggie or Richard until lunchtime. How come they always get to lie in and we don't?"

"'Cos they're big stars and we're not," smiled Dan. "That's also why they get rooms to themselves while I'm stuck sharing with you. So c'mon you lazy git, do you want to use the bathroom first or shall I?"

"You go, I'm too tired to move. Just don't take all night."

With a shake of his head, Dan got to his feet and went into the small en-suite bathroom. He considered not bothering with a shower and just getting a quick wash in the sink instead, but a brief sniff under his armpits quickly changed his mind. Setting the water running, he pulled off his clothes, dumping them in a heap by the door then paused to stare at himself in the mirror above the sink. He tried to imagine how anyone could possibly describe him as 'cute'. Experimentally, he put his face through a rapid succession of expressions ranging from serious to completely whacko; he even tried sad, though this one proved a little tricky as by this stage he couldn't keep the silly grin off his face. Nope, he couldn't see cute in there anywhere. Those girls must be loopy, putting stuff like that in the fan-mail they sent him. He was twelve years old, thirteen in July, and didn't exactly have an overwhelming interest in girls and their daft ideas. Also, having attended an all boys school, his contact with the opposite sex outside of the film set had been quite limited, which did nothing to aid his understanding of how a girl's mind might work.

Stepping under the steaming water he gave a sigh of contentment. The food in this hotel might not be the best he'd ever tasted, but at least they seemed to have an unending supply of hot water. He turned all the way around in order to give every part of his body a chance under the relaxing spray. It felt so good that he just stood there, wallowing, losing all sense of time.

Dan was brought back to the real world by the sound of the bathroom door. It opened several inches, then there was a bump and a cry of pain as the door became suddenly jammed on the pile of discarded clothing behind it. Daniel stuck his head around the shower door to see what was happening.

The bathroom door was forced open a bit further and Rupert's upper body pushed through the gap, he was scowling and rubbing the side of his head. "Damn stupid place to leave your clothes," he grumbled, on discovering the reason why the door had stuck.

"Serves you right," Dan replied. "You should have knocked. Supposing I'd been on the loo and you came barging in like that? What do you want anyway?"

"I want to know how much longer you plan to be," Rupert replied. "You've been in here ages and I want to get to bed. Besides, I need to pee."

"Then go ahead and pee," said Dan. "I'll be a few minutes yet. I gave you the choice of going first." He closed the shower door and picking up the soap he began to rub it across his body, smiling to himself. From the brief exchange they had just had, no one would have been able to guess that he and Rupert were really the best of friends. They'd hit it off almost from the very first moment they'd met, the fact that Rupert was almost full year older than Dan not making the slightest difference at all. There was always loads of free time between scenes, and when they weren't having to spend time with their tutor, who was responsible for their schooling during filming, they were often to be found huddled together somewhere plotting some prank or joke on one of the other cast members.

Through the steamed up sides of the shower cubicle, Dan could just make out the blurred shape of Rupert's back as he stood over the toilet bowl. The twelve year old found himself straining to listen for the sound of his friend's pee hitting the water but was unable to hear anything above the noise of the shower. He wiped a small patch of panelling clear and pressed his face right up against the glass so that his nose was squashed flat against the hard surface before rapping smartly on the panel with his knuckles.

Rupert glanced quickly back over his shoulder then seeing Dan's distorted features he pulled a face of his own. "If you make me pee on my shoes I swear that I'm gonna make you sorry," he called, turning his attention back to the job in hand.

"You're supposed to be taking a pee, not playing with yourself," Dan shouted.

"If you take much longer I'm gonna come in there and play with you," Rupert threatened, turning to face the shower whilst pulling up his zip.

"Oh, Rupie, I never realised you felt that way about me," Dan laughed.

With a disgusted snort, Rupert left the bathroom, squeezing carefully past the door which was still wedged on Dan's clothes.

Having finished with the soaping, Dan rinsed off thoroughly then stepped out of the shower cubicle, grabbing a clean, white towel from the nearby rail. He quickly towelled himself dry, wrapped it around his waist, then went to the sink to clean his teeth. He was still doing this when Rupert reappeared, this time stripped down to just a pair of bright red briefs which were sitting low on his hips.

"About time," the red-haired boy muttered, reaching into the shower cubicle to turn the shower back on. He shucked his briefs and stepped smartly into the shower, giving Dan a momentary glimpse of a slim, very white bottom before the cubicle door closed.

"Hey, Rupe, there's a big red spot on your bum," Dan sniggered. "Or was that your face, with you it's hard to tell the difference?" He jumped to one side to dodge the fountain of water that suddenly splashed over the top of the shower walls, then, laughing, he grabbed his clothes and fled back into the bedroom.

By the time Rupert came out of the bathroom, Dan had changed into his night attire; dark blue shorts and a grey t-shirt, and was sitting on his bed reading through his script for the next day. He had learned most of the words during some free time that afternoon, but he wanted to be absolutely sure he had them one hundred percent secure.

Rupert came out wrapped in a towel, pulled his own night clothes out of a drawer then went over and sat on his bed with his back to Dan while he took off his towel and pulled on his shorts.

Once again, Dan got a quick glimpse of smooth white cheeks. "I definitely think your behind is your best feature," he said, with mock seriousness, then had to quickly reach up to grab the damp towel that came flying in his direction.

"You seem to spend an awful lot of time staring at my arse," said Rupert, himself catching the towel as it was returned to him in similar fashion.

"That's cos it's so much better looking than your ugly face," Dan laughed. He put down his script and collected both their towels, returning them to the bathroom while Rupert pulled on a white t-shirt.

Yawning, Rupert reluctantly agreed to a quick run through of a couple of the next day's scenes. Both boys were pretty confident with their parts and so it only took a few minutes. They had just put down their scripts and were about to turn out the light when there was a knock on the door.

"Who the hell's that?" Rupert grumbled.

"I dunno, but there's only one way to find out. Are you going to answer it or do I have to?"

"You go," said Rupert, pulling the sheets up around himself. "But if it's some girl after my autograph, tell 'er to bugger off."

"As if any girl's going to be interested in you," grinned Dan, climbing out of bed and crossing over to the door. He stretched up on his toes so as to see through the spy-hole, which had been set at a level suitable for an adult, and peered through to get a wildly distorted view of the hotel corridor and a familiar face. "It's Sean," he said, reaching for the lock.

"Sean? What the hell does he want at this time of night?"

"I guess we're going to find out," said Dan as he pulled the door open.

As soon as the door was open Sean Biggerstaff, the eighteen year old actor who played the character Oliver wood, stepped inside, a duvet over one arm and a heavy looking plastic carrier bag in the other. "Hey guys, I need a favour," he said. "I need somewhere to kip down for the night. You don't mind, do you?"

"Well we..." Dan began.

"Thanks guys, I knew I could rely on you." Sean threw the duvet to the floor and set the bag down carefully.

"You mean you want to sleep in our room?" Rupert asked, as if he couldn't quite believe what was happening."

"That's the idea," Sean replied. "Don't worry," he added with a grin, "I don't snore. Or at least not much."

Rupert looked at Dan who just shrugged, smiled and then closed and locked the door. Dan wasn't particularly perturbed by this turn of events, he'd always found the eighteen year old good fun to be around. Though it crossed his mind that this could severely affect their chances of getting a good nights sleep.

"What's wrong with your own room?" Rupert asked, frowning. Sean shared a room with Chris Rankin who played the part of Ron's older brother, Percy Weasley.

"I'm not sure I should tell you that; you're too young," grinned Sean as he sat himself down on the end of Rupert's bed, opposite Dan who was now sitting cross-legged on his own bed.

"What do you mean, too young?" demanded Rupert. "If you're gonna be spending the night in our room, the least you can do is tell us why."

"Ok," said Sean,. "But this is just between us. The old folks mustn't get to know." He leaned forwards and lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "Chris has got a girl in there."

"What, you mean a real girl?" Rupert's mouth dropped open.

"No, a blow up one," said Sean. "Of course it's a real girl, you idiot."

Dan sniggered. "Just ignore him, he's a bit slow to catch on sometimes."

"No, I'm not," said Rupert, looking offended. "I was just surprised that's all."

"Well, strange but true, Chris is spending the night with a buxom, blond bimbo while I have to sleep on the floor." Sean sighed. "I'd arranged with Ollie and James to share with them, but there was no answer when I knocked on their door just now. The miserable sods have probably sneaked out somewhere and forgotten all about me." Oliver and James were the real life counterparts of the Weasley twins. "Never mind," Sean continued, with a smile as he bent forwards and dragged the carrier bag towards himself. "Their loss is your gain. I brought plenty of provisions. Who wants some crisps?" He pulled several packets out of the bag, throwing one each to Dan and Rupert.

"Erm, thanks," said Dan. "I'm not really hungry though."

"Never mind," said Sean. "Save 'em, you might be later." He reached back into the bag and pulled out a cardboard carton containing six bottles of beer. "Hope you're going to help me with these, I've got two packs of 'em and if I have to drink 'em all myself I'll be throwing up in the morning."

"Couldn't you just save some?" Dan asked.

"I suppose I could," Sean replied. "But where's the fun in that." He took a small bottle opener from his jeans pocket and flipped the top off one of the bottles. "Here ya go." He handed the bottle to Rupert, who accepted it automatically then sat staring at it as if wondering what to do with it.

Dan took the next bottle, raising it to his lips and taking a cautious sip. He lowered the bottle and pulled a face. "I'm not sure I like it," he said.

"Ever had beer before?" Sean asked.

"Not really."

"Ah, there ya go then. It's an acquired taste. Keep going with it and you'll soon get to like it." The older boy took a drink from his own bottle.

For the next few minutes Dan and Rupert sipped at their beer whilst Sean regaled them with a string of lewd jokes, each one more vulgar than the last. It wasn't long before the effects of the alcohol started to show and soon all three boys were laughing and giggling. Soon the conversation descended into speculation about what Chris would be getting up with the girl. Rupert put forward the idea that Chris might need some help, but Sean assured him that this was unlikely; this wasn't the first time Chris had had a member of the opposite sex spend the night with him.

"Why do you put up with it?" Rupert asked. "Letting him force you out of your own room like that?"

"It doesn't happen that often," said Sean. "Besides, I think I come out quite well on the deal."

"How do you mean?" Dan asked.

A wicked grin spread across Sean's face. "He'd go ballistic if he knew I'd told anyone this." He glanced from one boy to the other, letting the tension build and gauging the moment, then lowering his voice, he said, "Every night away from my own bed costs him two blow jobs."

It was unfortunate that Rupert had just taken a mouthful of beer, as a moment after Sean had finished speaking, the eighteen year old was wearing most of it down his front.

"You mean you get him to suck your..." Dan's voice trailed off and he nodded his head in the direction of Sean's crotch.

"I think cock is the word you're looking for," said Sean, with a grimace, as he brushed the front of his shirt with his hand. "Thanks for sharing Rupert, but I've got plenty of my own. Besides, I prefer my beer straight from the bottle rather than having to suck it out of my clothes."

"Erm, sorry," said Rupert, looking embarrassed at what he'd done. "Do you think it'll stain?"

"I shouldn't think so," Sean replied. "Don't worry about it." He pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it aside. "Either of you ever had a blow job?"

Both boys looked surprised by the question and quickly shook their heads.

"I guess I'm not surprised," said Sean. "I didn't get my first one until I was fifteen. I got my first one from another guy when I was sixteen."

"Doesn't it bother you, having another guy do that sort of thing to you?" Rupert asked.

"Hell no. Why should it? A blow job is a blow job. Besides, guys usually do it better than girls."

"You've had plenty of experience then," said Rupert, a touch of sarcasm in his voice.

"I suppose I have," said Sean, ignoring Rupert's tone.

Dan found himself staring at Sean's bare chest and quickly looked away as the older boy noticed his attention and gave him a knowing smile.

"So, Daniel, ma wee sassenach bairn," said Sean, stressing his Scottish accent, "I wonder how much experience you have had."

"Well, um, I haven't, not really," Dan stuttered.

Sean laughed. "I was only teasing. I hadn't done anything with anyone when I was your age." He opened another bottle for himself and passed a second one to Rupert. Dan was still only half way through his first. "Ok," said the older boy, "I know what we can do. We each have to tell the others the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to him. And you have to be completely truthful. Who wants to go first?"

There was suddenly a deafening silence.

"I suppose that means me then," grinned Sean. He took a long drink. "Right, this happened when I was fourteen. It was my cousin's wedding and all the men had to wear kilts."

Rupert giggled. "Yeah, I would think having to wear a skirt was pretty embarrassing."

"I haven't got to the embarrassing bit yet," said Sean, giving Rupert a sour look. "I'm from Scotland remember. You probably haven't noticed that I have a slight accent. Up there we often wear kilts for weddings and things like that. Anyway, one of my younger cousins made me a dare that I wouldn't go to the wedding with nothing on under my kilt. Easy, I thought, who's going to know, as long as I'm careful when I sit down. Everything went all right until the evening when we had the dancing. I was up on the dance floor when the cousin who had made the dare and his younger brother came up on either side of me. Before I knew what was happening they'd lifted my kilt right up showing everybody everything.

Rupert began to giggle again and Dan felt his mouth twitch as he tried not to laugh, unsure whether he really should or not.

"They never let me forget that," said Sean. "Every wedding I've been to since then, they always ask me if I'm going to be doing the cabaret." He took another quick drink and looked at Rupert. "Your turn."

"Do I have to?"

"Yes," said Dan and Sean, both at the same time. Dan wasn't sure if it was the effects of the beer, but he decided he was having a pretty good time.

"Alright," said Rupert, looking a bit uncomfortable. "But no one else has ever got hear this. I suppose the worst thing was the time when I was eleven and I was getting ready for a bath. Mum and dad were out and my brothers thought it would be funny to push me out into the back garden with nothing on and lock the door. They said they'd unlocked the front door and that if I wanted to get in, I'd have to go round that way. I banged on the back for a while, but when I saw the woman next door coming out into her garden I thought I'd better make a run for the front. Trouble is, you can see the street from our front door and when I got there my brothers had locked that as well so I was left standing there with nothing on while people walked past, laughing. Eventually they let me in, but not until loads of people had seen me."

Sean playfully slapped Rupert's leg. "I always guessed you were a bit of a flasher," he smiled. "Right, young Daniel, how about you?"

Dan took a deep breath. He had been going to tell them about the time when he was ten and he and a group of his friends had displayed their bare backsides from the rear window of a bus on the way back from a school trip. But that hadn't really been embarrassing at all; rather funny if anything. No, he decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it. He'd tell them about that other thing. "It was last year, between filming and I was back at school. I was in the showers after a PE lesson with all the other boys, and... and I got hard."

Rupert looked a little shocked, but Sean laughed out loud. "Danny sprang a woody in the showers. That's nothing to worry about. I thought for a minute you were going to say you lost control and started humping one of the other kids. What did the others say when they saw it?"

"Well, I managed to cover it up, I think only a couple of boys saw it. But one of them kept giving me funny looks every time he saw me after that."

"Oh, Dan," said Sean, still laughing. "You really handled that badly. If he kept giving you funny looks it must have meant he was interested. That could have been your ticket to your first blow job. Guys, I need to borrow your bathroom, don't go away." He got up and headed for the toilet leaving Dan blushing and Rupert shaking his head.

"That guy really is something else," giggled Rupert, draining his second bottle. "You think he was telling the truth about Chris giving him a blow job?"

"I dunno," said Dan, a little shyly. "Would you do that? Say you wanted the room to yourself, would you give me one to get me to go out of the way?"

"Like hell I would! You think I'd put your bloody thing in my mouth just so that I could be on my own with some bloody girl? No way! Would you?"

"I suppose it depends how badly I wanted to get you out of the way," said Daniel, with a laugh.

"Yuck!" Rupert pulled a face. "I can't believe you'd even consider it." He put his bottle down on the floor and lay back on the bed, yawning, his legs hanging over the side.

"You tired?" Dan asked.

"Yeah, I'll just shut my eyes for a minute while he's in the bathroom." The final few words came out as little more than a sigh.

With a smile, Dan very quietly got up and collected the empty bottles, laying them carefully in the bin. He returned to his bed and lay back on his elbows, listening to the sound of Rupert's breathing becoming deeper.

By the time Sean returned a couple of minutes later, Rupert was obviously sound asleep. Dan put his finger to his lips indicating to the older boy that he shouldn't make any noise.

"Can't take his drink," whispered Sean as he sat down next to Dan, a grin on his face.

"I don't think he's used to it," Dan replied, defensively.

"I know, I was only joking," said Sean. "I wouldn't have let him have any more anyway. I don't ever have more than two myself."

"You said you were going to drink the lot," said Dan.

"I'd be like Rupert is now before I got through even half of them," smiled Sean. His smile suddenly broadened into a mischievous grin. "This is an opportunity too good to miss," he said. He got up and leaned forwards, over the sleeping boy. "Rupert?" he said, softly. There was no response. "Oh Ruuuuupert?" This time a little louder. There was still no change in the boy's deep, steady breathing. Moving very slowly, Sean took hold of the cotton at the leg holes of Rupert's shorts and began to pull, increasing the pressure very gradually. Pulling first one side and then the other he began to work them down, an inch at a time.

"Sean, you can't!" Dan hissed, realising what the older boy intended. Though in truth a large part of him hoped the teenager would ignore his protests.

Sean just turned his head, gave a grin, made a soft "Shhh!" sound then went back to what he was doing.

Dan now stood up himself and moved closer so as not to miss anything. He knew he should really put a stop to what was being done to his friend, but at the same time there was something exciting and almost hypnotic about the way the pale, smooth skin of Rupert's lower stomach gradually came into view. As the elasticated waistband of the boy's shorts neared the youngster's crotch, a small thin patch of red hair appeared and then suddenly the base of his dick was visible..

Once the shorts were passed the thirteen year old's hips, Sean made slightly faster progress and soon the boy's soft cock was completely exposed. Dan felt his breath catch in his throat; this was the first time he'd ever had more than a fleeting glimpse of his friend's penis. A few seconds later and the shorts were down past Rupert's knees. From hereon it was easy, as the boy's legs hung over the bed and it was just a matter of sliding the shorts down them and they were off! Rupert was now completely naked from the waist down.

"I can't believe you just did that," said Dan, trying to hold back a fit of nervous giggling, his eyes glued to the sleeping boy's groin area.

"Think of it as a scientific investigation," said Sean, with mock seriousness. "We've just proved that he's a real redhead since the top and bottom match. I always like to be sure about these things." He turned to Dan, giving the younger boy a steady look. "I suppose you match up ok at the top and bottom?"

Dan found himself blushing. "I don't have very much at the bottom to match up with," he admitted.

"Hmm, maybe I should check anyway," grinned Sean, reaching for Dan's shorts.

"No way!" Dan jumped back out of the way, giggling. Then, realising he was making quite a lot of noise he shot a guilty glance at Rupert and quickly put his hand over his mouth to try and muffle his laughter.

"Ah, where's your sense of adventure?" laughed Sean.

"Where's yours?" asked Dan feeling suddenly bold. "How do I know that you match at top and bottom?"

"Good point," said Sean, holding up his finger. "I'll tell you what. I'll satisfy your curiousity, if you'll satisfy mine."

"I don't know," said Dan, nervously.

"Go on, I dare you,"

That did it. There was no way that Dan would allow himself to back down from something like that in front of the older boy. "Alright," he said, determinedly. Keeping his eyes fixed on Sean's face he hooked his thumbs into the front of his shorts and slowly pushed them down until a few brown curly hairs at the base of his dick came into view. He held there for a moment; this was a far as the dare had required him to go. He wasn't done yet. however. His heart beating quickly in his chest, he pushed down just a few more inches to fully reveal his cock and balls. "So, do I match up ok?" he asked, pleased with himself that he dared to do it.

Sean's eyes had widened slightly, but the mischievous smile was still on his face. "Well, like you said, there's not a lot there to match up with. Perhaps I should take a closer look." He made as it to bend closer.

"Forget it," Dan laughed, once more stepping backwards and pulling the front of his shorts back up. "I did the dare, now it's your turn to do one. I dare you to take everything off."

"Hey, that hardly seems fair," Sean complained. "You give a quick flash of your dangly bits and then expect me to get completely naked?"

"Are you backing out?" asked Dan "Because if you do it means I win."

"So you want a competition do you?" said Sean, apparently delighted at the prospect. "Right, you're on, we'll see who backs down first." He was already bare-chested, having removed his shirt earlier as a result of Rupert's little accident with the beer. Quickly he pulled off his shoes and socks and tugged down his tight jeans, sitting on Dan's bed to pull them over his feet, then he stood up again in just his underwear.

Dan collapsed back onto his bed, his hand over his mouth as he desperately fought to suppress a fit of the giggles. Sean was wearing a pair of "Harry Potter" boxer shorts and Dan's own face, complete with round glasses, was staring out from the front.

"So, I'm a Harry Potter fan," said Sean, nonchalantly. "What's wrong with that?"

"This has got to be a set up," giggled Dan. "You don't expect me to believe you wear them all the time?"

"Not all the time, no," Sean admitted. "I have some Spiderman ones as well. But these are my favourites. Just think, there are thousands of guys out there of all ages who walk around all day with your cute little face pressed right up against their privates."

"Ugh! That's creepy," said Dan with a shudder. "Just shut up and get those shorts off."

"Right, prepare yourself to be dazzled by my incredibly hot body." Sean took hold of his shorts and in one smooth movement he pushed them down to the floor and stepped out of them. "What do you think?" he asked, standing with his legs slightly apart and his hands on his hips. "Good looking or what?"

Dan let his eyes wonder up and down the older boy's body. Yeah, he decided, he liked what he saw. He liked it very much. Sean had a very smooth, lightly muscled torso; his chest and stomach were slightly darker than the pale colouring around his groin and hips, indicating that he'd spent a fair amount of time the previous summer going around without a shirt on. Between his legs, the boy's soft, slim penis hung down over what looked to the twelve year old to be an extremely large pair of balls; Dan had never actually seen fully grown testicles before, so couldn't really be sure whether these were big or not, all he knew was that they were much bigger than his own. At the base of Sean's dick was a small, neat patch or brown pubic hair.

"I thought you'd have more hair than that," said Dan. "I know I don't have many, but even mine are longer than yours."

"Yeah, well, just be careful you don't spend the night with the Wicked Weasley's or you might not have any at all."

"You mean Oliver and James did that to you?"

"They did, the evil buggers. I had to share their room on Monday night and this is what happened."

"Didn't you try to stop them?" asked Dan, amazed at this information.

"It's difficult to stop anyone doing anything when you're tied to the bed. I had to make all sorts of promises to stop them shaving it off completely. As it was, they shaved my balls and arse, all the way up around the hole."

This was way beyond any of Dan's experiences or fantasies. Just the thought of someone doing something so personal as tying him to and bed and shaving his groin caused his balls to constrict. "If they did that to you, why were you going back to share with them again tonight?"

"Are you kidding? A night with those two is the most fun you can have anywhere. They're insatiable. Anyway, now it's my turn again." Sean suddenly had a wicked twinkle in his eyes. "I dare you to take your shorts and your shirt off and then jerk your cock for a full minute. Oh, and you've got to do it where I can see you; no turning away."

It took a moment for this to sink in, during which time Dan stood with his eyes wide and his mouth slowly falling open. He'd expected that the next dare would involve him having to strip completely, something he felt nervous about but was prepared for, but this bit about playing with himself had come as a real shock. It was only quite recently that he'd discovered the secret pleasures of masturbation, and it was a rare treat, especially during filming, where there was usually very little privacy, when he could shut himself away somewhere and rub up and down his hard cock until that wonderful feeling filled his entire body. He really wasn't sure if he could do that with someone watching him, especially an older, much more experienced boy like Sean who might even laugh at him for doing it wrong.

"You don't have to do it you know, not if you don't want to," said Sean. "Of course, if you don't that makes me the winner."

Dan's resolve hardened. He knew that in the end he would almost certainly be the first one to refuse a dare, but he was determined he was going to push this as far as he possibly could, it was a matter of pride. He quickly pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his shorts, stepping out of them. As he stood, naked, feeling the other boy's gaze on his body, he briefly wondered what to do with his hands. He let them hang down by his sides, but that didn't feel right, so he ended up putting them on his hips like Sean had done earlier. It was a strange sensation, knowing that he was deliberately exposing himself in this way; it was a bit frightening but at the same time more than a little exciting.

"Very nice," said Sean, softly. His hand came up and stoked lightly across his own smooth chest, but his eyes remained glued on the youngster's body. After a few seconds he shook himself as if waking up and gave a smile. "That's only the first part though. Ready for the second part?" he lifted his arm and glanced at his watch. "You've got to jerk yourself for a full minute."

"Ok," said Dan. He sat down on the edge of his bed and self-consciously took hold of his small, soft dick.

"Open your legs a little more," Sean instructed. "Remember I've got to be able to see."

Dan moved his knees further apart and holding his penis between his thumb and first two fingers he began to make short, quick stroking movements along the limp shaft. He shot a quick glance across at Rupert who was snoring softly on the other bed, praying that his friend would remain asleep; it would require some very fast talking if the redhead were to wake up at this moment. The twelve year old allowed his eyes to stray across the sleeping boy's exposed groin. He noted with some satisfaction that their dicks looked almost the same size, though he was a little envious of Rupert's small but very obvious patch of pubic hair. The thought crossed his mind that he really wouldn't mind seeing Rupert totally naked. Maybe, with a bit of careful plotting, he'd be able to arrange a game of dare, similar the one he was involved in now with Sean.

He turned his head to look at the naked teenager standing just feet away. The sight of Sean's nude body caused a tingly feeling in the pit of Dan's stomach and he felt his penis hardening beneath his fingers. This sure seemed to be along minute. He continued to pump up and down his now hard shaft, looking anywhere but at Sean's face; He knew if he were to meet the older boy's eyes he wouldn't be able to stop himself from blushing.

"Alright, time's up," said Sean after what felt like an eternity.

Dan stopped his stroking, but kept his hand covering his hard cock, afraid that if Sean saw it he would make fun of it's small size; even hard, his penis was still smaller than Sean's was when soft. Though he did notice that the eighteen year old didn't look quite as soft as he had a minute or so ago. "Looks like my turn again," he said. He stopped to think for a second. "First you've got play with yourself for a minute, like I just did. Then..." He paused. "Then you've got to let me touch it," he said, his words coming out in a rush before he had chance to change his mind about saying them.

Far from being in any way phased by this dare, Sean actually laughed softly. "This is starting to get interesting," he said. "Can I sit on the bed for the first bit?"

"Yeah, sure." Dan stood up and moved out of the way, casually letting his hand linger in front of his still solid penis. He watched as Sean sat with his legs wide apart, leaned back and taking his dick in his hand, began to stroke it. The teenager had already been stroking for a good few seconds before Dan realised he wasn't even wearing his watch so had no way to verify the time. "Hang on a sec," he said, "I need to time you."

"Don't worry about it," Sean smiled. "Just guess. You say when you think the minute is up." He continued his stroking, his eyes never leaving Dan's face.

A couple of times Dan met the older boy's gaze, but each time he quickly looked away, blushing. Most of the time he just focussed on the rhythmic movements of Sean's hand as it slowly stroked up and down his now rock hard shaft. "Ok, that must be a minute," he said, eventually. He was beginning to regret having made the second part of this dare. Yes, he did want to take hold of Sean's cock and feel it's hardness beneath his fingers, but at the same time the thought of touching anther boy like that scared him. Also there was something else; they seemed to have fallen into a pattern, each repeating the other boy's dare before adding something new. If Sean continued with the pattern the first part of his next dare to Dan would involve touching the youngster's boner. Dan hadn't thought about that when he'd made the dare. Oh well, he'd just have to go through with it; his pride wouldn't let him back out now.

Seam gave a final couple of strokes, then pulled his hand away, leaving his erection twitching on his smooth, firm stomach. "Right, it's all yours," he grinned, resting on his elbows. "Be gentle with me."

Dan moved forwards and squatted down between the teen's legs. Sean's cock was now just inches away from his face. Slowly he reached out his hand and gently took hold of it between his thumb and fingertips. It felt rock hard but at the same time was warm and velvety.

"You don't need to be quite THAT gentle," Dan teased. "At least take a proper hold of it."

With a shy smile, Dan wrapped his fingers all the way round it and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"That's better," Sean sighed.

Starting to feel a little more confident, Dan tightened his grip slightly and made a couple of small stroking movements, moving the skin of the hard shaft up and down. Experimentally, he pulled downwards and Sean's foreskin slid smoothly back to completely expose the swollen pinky-purple coloured head beneath.

"It's all wet and sticky at the end," Dan observed.

"That's more your fault than mine," Sean replied, smiling. "You're the one who's turning me on."

Blushing, Dan quickly let go of the shaft and got to his feet. "Your turn," he said, looking down at his feet.

With a strange look on his face, Sean got up and approached the younger boy, causing Dan to back away nervously.

"Don't," said Sean, putting his hand on Dan's shoulder. "I'm not going to hurt you. But it is my turn to make a dare."

There was along pause during which time they stared at one another, Dan's heart hammering in his chest as he wondered what the much more experienced older boy was going to come up with.

Sean, smiled and moving his hand up, he gently brushed Dan's cheek with the tips of his fingers. "I dare you to kiss me," he said.

"Wha...? You mean a real kiss? On the lips?" Dan couldn't decide whether he was relieved or disappointed. He had been trying to prepare himself for anything that Sean might suggest, so something as simple and straightforward as a kiss was a bit on an anticlimax.

"Of course I mean on the lips," Sean smiled, his voice soft. He still had his hand on Dan's shoulder and he used it to pull the younger boy gently but firmly towards himself.

Dan wasn't really sure how he felt about this. He certainly didn't feel especially averse to the idea of kissing the good looking teenager, but at the same time there was a niggling voice in his head that told him that boys didn't kiss boys, it just wasn't right. Though a more logical part of his mind pointed out that boys didn't touch boys' dicks either, and he'd already had his hand around Sean's, so what was a bit of kissing after that? He felt Sean's fingers under his chin, tilting his head back, and a second later his internal debate became completely academic as a pair of soft lips brushed against his own.

Dan wasn't the world's most experienced kisser. In fact there had only been a couple occasions where he'd kissed girls on the lips and both of these had been forced on him by over enthusiastic fans. The second experience had been the worst, and was one he really would prefer to forget. It had been at the premiere of "Philosopher's Stone". A girl a few years older than himself had managed to break through the barriers that were holding back the crowds and had lumbered towards him like a slobbering warthog. Before he knew what was happening she'd got a hand on each side of his head and had clamped down on his face in a full lip-lock; it felt like she was trying to suck the life right out of him. The worst part of the whole experience was the feeling of her soggy tongue actually inside his own mouth; it still made him want to gag when he remembered it. Luckily the minders had arrived within seconds and had managed to pull her off and drag her away. But those few unpleasant seconds had left him, both literally and metaphorically, with a bad taste in his mouth.

This was completely different. Where the girl's hold on him had been tight, almost desperate, Sean's was gentle. The girl's lips had been like suction cups, whereas the touch of Sean's lips was feather-light.

Twice more, Sean momentarily brushed Dan's lips with his own before lifting his head and staring into the youngster's blue eyes. "You are so bloody cute," he muttered, his voice hardly louder than a breath.

Dan felt the colour once more rising in his cheeks and he quickly lowered his eyes. Hearing Sean say those words was so very different to reading them over and over in the countless letters he received. Once again the older boy's lips made contact with his own, but this time the touch was a little firmer, more lingering, more insistent. Dan automatically responded by opening his own lips a fraction. He found himself hungering for more contact and stretched his neck upwards. He lifted his arms from his sides, putting them around Sean's shoulders and pulling their bodies closer until their chests were pressed together. Dan's neck was pushed back at an almost painful angle, but he didn't care, he ignored the ache and instead concentrated on the wonderful feelings of closeness and intimacy. Sean's tongue pressed between his slightly open lips and he opened his mouth further to allow it inside. He recalled Sean's earlier statement that guys usually gave better blow jobs than girls; Dan didn't know about that, but from his own limited experience he concluded that boys were certainly better kissers than girls. He wondered if maybe he should do a little more research and an image of himself kissing Rupert entered his head, though he could well imagine Rupert's reaction to even the suggestion of doing something like that. Dan felt Sean's fingers gliding down his back, barely skimming the surface of his skin and the electrifying sensation caused a shudder to pass through his body. He sighed contentedly, but having his mouth pressed against Sean's caused the sound to come out more like a strangled groan.

"You ok?" Sean whispered, breaking the kiss. He put his hand against the side of Dan's head and used his thumb to gently move a lock of hair from the boy's eyes.

"Yeah," Dan replied. He knew he was grinning like an idiot, but couldn't help himself. He gave his aching neck a quick rub.

"Maybe we should find you something to stand on," Sean smiled. "Or we could lay down; that would make things a bit more comfortable." He took hold of Dan's hand and pulled the younger boy to the bed. "Lay down on your back," he said.

Dan lay down and Sean stretched out alongside him. The teenager's hard cock rubbed up against Dan's bare thigh. "Should we be doing this?" the youngster asked, giving a guilty glance across at Rupert who was still sleeping soundly.

"You want to get dressed?"


"Good job, because if you did it would mean that I win."

"I didn't know we were still playing," said Dan.

"I'm not sure we are," said Sean with a gentle smile. He lightly traced his finger around one of Dan's small, flat nipples, causing the twelve year old to squirm and giggle softly. "Want to kiss some more?"

Dan nodded. In the past few minutes his opinion on kissing had done a full 180 degree U-turn. He'd gone from hating even the idea of it to wanting to spend the rest of his life doing it. As their lips converged, Dan opened his mouth without even thinking about it. This time it was even better than before; there was no awkward angle to cause a pain in his neck, he lay on his back, completely relaxed, forgetting everything else and just living for the moment. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the feeling of Sean's tongue in his mouth and Sean's hand running lightly over his chest and stomach. He had never before stopped to consider that just the gentle touch of someone's fingers on his body could feel so amazingly good. As Sean's hand explored gradually ever further down his body, Dan's heart began to beat faster. He knew it was coming; any second now Sean would go that little bit further and actually wrap his strong fingers around Dan's painfully hard dick, and as far as the twelve year old was concerned, that couldn't come a moment too soon. Why was it taking so long? Was Sean deliberately dragging things out to tease him? He suddenly realised that was exactly what the teenager was doing. Every second that went by was like torture as his erection literally ached to be touched. Eventually he could stand it no longer. Taking a firm hold of Sean's wrist, he guided the boy's hand down that extra few inches and pushed it onto his desperate cock.

"Impatient little bugger, aren't you?" said Sean, with a grin. He wrapped his fingers around the steely shaft and gave it a squeeze.

Dan groaned softly and placed his own hand on top of Sean's, encouraging him to squeeze harder.

"Feel good?" Sean asked.


"Want me to show you something that feels even better?"

Dan found it hard to imagine that anything could feel much better than this, but if such a thing existed he was sure he wanted to give it a go. "What're you going to do?" he asked.

"This." Keeping his firm grip on Dan's cock, Sean got to his knees and turned around until he was facing down the bed, then leaning over he slowly eased the youngster's foreskin back, bent his head down and ran his tongue across the exposed head.

"Ooooph!" Dan's shoulders and legs all left the bed at the same time as he almost doubled up in shock. He looked down in amazement as the entire length of his hard dick disappeared into Sean's mouth. "Oh, wow!" This was about all Dan could manage as his brain temporarily refused to function.

Sean continued to suck on Dan's erection while at the same time playing with the boy's balls, gently rolling them around in his hand. After a few seconds he lifted his head and gave the youngster a wide grin. "Well, was that even better?"

"Yeah, it sure was," Dan replied, glancing down from Sean's face to his own stiff shaft, shiny with the older teen's spit. His dick was now harder than ever, if that were possible. "You going to do it some more?"

"You want me to?"

Dan smiled shyly. "Yeah."

"Alright," said Sean, "Stand by for lift off." He moved a little further down the bed and took Dan's cock in his fist, squeezing tightly. Then. pushing Dan's legs apart, he put his head down between them and sucked both the youngster's balls into his mouth.

"Urghh!" Dan's fingers gripped onto the bed clothes and he closed his eyes as his head went back. It was just one incredible sensation after another. He realised that with all his gasps and moans he was making quite a lot of noise, but he couldn't help himself as Sean continued suck on his balls and pump his cock. He could feel that familiar sensation starting to build between his legs, but this time it was far more intense than anything he'd ever felt before. It was like a huge pressure in his groin, ready to explode. His hands closed into tight fists and his back arched as suddenly the pressure gave way and his cock began to throb and jerk madly in Sean's fingers. "Stop!" he begged, breathlessly, taking hold of Sean's hand with his own and bringing it's pumping to a halt. He looked with amazement at the few drops of clear liquid that had splashed onto his tight stomach. "Oh, wow!" he panted, as he grinned down at Sean's smiling face. "That's was unbelievable."

"I glad you enjoyed it," said Sean. He lowered his head and gave the boy's now spent penis a quick kiss.

"Bloody hell!"

Dan's head whipped around in sudden panic.

Rupert, awake, had raised himself up on one elbow and was staring wide eyed at the scene before him. He shook his head as if to rouse himself up from a dream and his eyes widened even further as he noticed for the first time that he was himself completely naked from the waist down. "Oh, bloody hell!"

"Hey, Rupie, had a nice sleep?" Sean asked, with a wide grin. He was apparently completely unfazed by this sudden turn around in the situation. "Me and Dan have been keeping each other amused." He used his index finger to play with Dan's detumescent penis, causing it to flop from side to side. "Don't worry, you haven't been ravished in your sleep or anything like that. We had a quick look at what you had to offer, which is very nice by the way, then left you alone. So you're just as untouched now as you were when you dropped off. Though we can soon change that for you if you want, can't we Danny boy?"

"Erm..." This was about all Dan could manage. He briefly met Rupert's eyes, felt himself turning red and quickly looked away. Having his dick fondled in full view of his friend was not exactly helpful when it came to trying to think of something to say. To make matters worse, Sean had lowered his head and begun to nuzzle at Dan's cock with his lips and tongue. The twelve year old could already feel the beginnings of a brand new erection coming on.

"Bloody hell!"

Sean briefly broke off what he was doing and tilted his head to look at Rupert. "Rupert my old mate, let's hope you never forget your lines and have to ad lib, because you haven't got much imagination when it comes to dialogue." He returned to tonguing Dan's hardening dick.

Watching Sean licking his penis, Dan wasn't sure whether to feel embarrassed or excited. It was sure that it felt nice. He risked another quick glance across to the other bed; Rupert was still laid there watching, his mouth open. What most surprised Dan was that the red haired boy had made no move at all to cover himself up. In fact Dan thought he saw Rupert's dick twitch. His own cock was now once more fully erect and Sean's tongue was repeatedly licking up it's length, starting at the base and sliding all the way up to the head before going back down to the base and doing it again.

There was now no denying the fact that Rupert's cock had begun to swell, and it appeared that Dan wasn't the only one to have noticed.

"How about it, Rupe?" asked Sean. "Want to give it a try?" The older teen turned around so that he was facing the other bed and without waiting for a reply to his question he took hold of Rupert's cock and slid it between his lips.

"Oh..." groaned Rupert, then paused, apparently lost for words.

"Bloody hell?" offered Dan helpfully.

There was a rapid expulsion of air from Sean's nose as he collapsed in a fit of giggling and Rupert's almost fully erect boyhood slid out of his mouth. Dan immediately joined in, leaving Rupert wearing a disgusted look as he watched the other two boys rolling around, laughing.

"It wasn't all that funny," Rupert complained as the Sean and Dan struggled to bring themselves under control.

"Ugh! I'm sorry Rupert," Sean gasped, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. "But you really do need to think of some new things to say at moments like that."

"Yeah, well, it seemed sort of appropriate at the time," Rupert scowled.

Dan noticed that in his annoyance at being laughed at, Rupert seemed to have temporarily forgotten that he just woken up to find himself half naked with two boys performing an intimate sexual act just feet away.

"Tell you what, Rupert, how about I make it up to you?" Sean shuffled forwards until he was once more kneeling in front of the boy and wrapped his fingers around the youngster's drooping cock.

Just for a moment Rupert looked a little uncertain, but as soon as he felt Sean's tongue running up the shaft of his dick, all his reluctance appeared to vanish instantly.

Watching from the other bed, Dan recalled the incredible feeling when Sean had done the same thing to him, minutes earlier. His own cock, which had gone soft while his was laughing, once again started to harden. He took it between his fingers and began to rub it, a little nervously to start with; it still felt strange doing something like this in front of others. But as he watched Sean's tongue flicking across Rupert's solid shaft and tight balls he quickly forgot his nervousness and was soon stroking away for all he was worth.

"Feel good, Rupe?" Sean asked.

"Bloody brilliant!" Rupert sighed.

"How'd you like a full blow job?" Sean asked, jacking the boy's dick with his hand.

"You mean you're gonna put my thing all the way in your mouth and suck it?" Rupert asked. "Like you said Chris does to you?"

Sean nodded. "Yeah, you got the idea. Though if I say so myself, I do give much better blow jobs than Chris. I'll make a deal with you; I'll give both of you the best blow jobs you've ever had, but you've got to do something for me in return."

"What's that?" asked Rupert, suspiciously.

Dan's ears had pricked up on hearing himself included in the agreement. Sean had given his cock a quick suck earlier and it had felt fantastic. He knew there wasn't much he wouldn't do for the chance of a full blow job. "Will you suck us until we shoot?" he asked.

"I sure will," said Sean, answering Dan's question.

"Yeah, but what do we have to do for you?" Rupert persisted.

Sean laughed, lightly. "Nothing bad," he said. "I think both of you are a pair of really cute little buggers. What would really turn me on is seeing the two of you do a sixty-nine."

"A sixty-nine?" Dan asked, looking puzzled.

Rupert, however, understood. "You want us to suck each other?"

"Yeah, watching that would be really cool," said Sean. "You don't have to cum, just suck each other both at the same time for a couple of minutes while I watch. If you do that, I'll suck both of you; you can even cum in my mouth."

Dan and Rupert looked at each other. For some reason, Dan found the thought of shooting his cum inside Sean's mouth really exciting. And even without that incentive he would just love a chance to touch Rupert's cock. Though he did feel a tremour of uncertainty about going as far as actually sucking on the slim shaft.

"So, what's it going to be boys?" Sean asked, after a few long seconds of silence. "Dan?"

There was a short pause before Dan gave a small nod. "Yeah, I'll do it," he said, softly, his eye's never breaking their contact with Rupert's.


"Yeah, I guess," Rupert nervously agreed. "You'd better not ever tell anyone though. If the Phelps' ever get to know about it it'll be all over the film set in less than a day."

"Don't worry," Sean reassured him. "It'll be our secret; it'll never go outside this room."

"Alright," said Rupert, still a little hesitant. "We'll do it."

"Excellent stuff," said Sean. "First you've got to get that shirt off though; you both gotta be completely naked."

Rupert stood up to remove his shirt. As he pulled it over his head, Dan took the opportunity to have his first really good look at his friend's hard dick. It was a little bit bigger than his own after all, he decided. Also, it didn't point upwards quite as sharply. Dan nervously licked his lips; he was about to put that into his mouth. He wondered what it was going to taste like.

Once Rupert was naked, Sean instructed him to lay on his back on the bed and told Dan to kneel over him facing in the other direction. Rupert's erection was now just inches away from Dan's face. Close up it looked much bigger than it had before, with it's small patch of red hair nestled at the base and just a few stray hairs curling out at random from his tight ball-sack. Dan suddenly realised that Rupert would be faced with a similar view of his own hard cock and the thought sent a shiver of excitement through him.

"Come on, guys," said Sean, who had seated himself comfortably on the other bed and was watching intently, his own hard shaft held tightly in his fist. "Let's see some action here."

Dan hesitated, not wanting to be first, but long seconds went by and it appeared that Rupert obviously felt the same way. Eventually, supporting himself on one elbow, Dan managed to get up the courage to trace his finger lightly along the shaft of Rupert's penis; the result was a sharp intake of breath from the other end of the bed. Feeling a little braver, Dan took the stiff tool in his hand and bent it upwards to point towards his mouth. He licked his lips in preparation for taking the next step then very tentatively touched the tip of his tongue to the end of the foreskin covered tip. He half expected it to taste bad, especially considering what came out of it, but it didn't really taste of anything at all, maybe just a little salty. Happier now, he tried again, this time nipping the skin between his lips and running his tongue backwards and forwards across it. Rupert's hips made a small wriggling motion.

"That's more like it," encouraged Sean. "Now pull the skin back and lick the head."

His heart beating quickly, Dan pushed down on the skin between his fingers and watched, fascinated, as the pink coloured glans came into view. With a quick glance at Sean, he lowered his mouth and ran his tongue across it, hearing Rupert groan softly. It had felt soft and warm against his probing tongue, and the saltiness had been a little sharper, but no bad taste at all. "Hey, Rupert," he called. "You're supposed to be doing me as well, you know." He waited for a couple of seconds and then felt the gentle, fumbling touch of fingers on his boyhood. He gasped and had to stop himself from pushing his hips downwards; Rupert probably wouldn't appreciate having a hard cock and a pair of balls mashed into his face. Dan closed his eyes as he felt one of Rupert's hands on his dick, the other on his balls. His erection, which had been pointing along his stomach, was pulled almost painfully downwards and something soft and wet brushed against the end. Rupert was licking the head of his dick.

Now that Rupert was finally playing his part, Dan felt ready to take the final big step. Opening his mouth, he lowered his head until the first inch or so of Rupert's dick was inside, then closed his lips around the stiff shaft. It was a strange feeling, having another boy's cock in his mouth; it was nothing like he'd expected. For one thing, Rupert's erection, which had looked quite small from a distance, especially when compared to Sean's, felt suddenly enormous. Also, it wasn't in any way awful or unpleasant, in fact, he decided he liked it; there was something very satisfying about being able to able to make his friend moan with pleasure just with a small movement of his tongue.

Seconds later, Dan's own hard tool was completely enveloped in something wet and warm and he suppressed a contented sigh. Experimentally he began moving his lips up and down Rupert's cock, sucking hard on the upstroke as his tongue slid over the firm, smooth skin. It was immediately obvious from the noises emanating from the vicinity of his own groin that Rupert liked the results of this experiment.

For the next few minutes the two youngsters happily licked and sucked on each other's dicks. The only sounds in the room were the odd sigh and groan and the occasional wet slurping noise. Out of the corner of his eye, Dan was aware of Sean watching, slowly stroking his erection up and down, a dreamy look on his face.

Keeping one firmly hand around his erection, Sean got up and leaned over the two sucking adolescents. Dan felt Sean's other hand stroke lightly across is back, tracing his spine as it disappeared down into the crack between his arse cheeks. Sean's finger lingered for a second just short of Dan's hole then pulled back, disappearing. Seconds later it reappeared, this time between the two younger boy's bodies, caressing down Rupert's chest and stomach before turning over and reversing direction, this time along Dan's smooth torso. Dan especially loved the feeling of Sean's hand stroking his chest; so gentle yet at the same time so erotic. This combined with the sensations of Rupert's mouth around his boyhood made his skin tingle all over.

In spite of having his mouth full, Dan still managed a gasp of surprise when his arse cheeks were pulled apart and the unfamiliar feeling of cool air told him his hole was now completely on display. He experienced a momentary feeling of embarrassment that someone should be looking at this most personal of places but this disappeared as fast as it had come as something that could only have been Sean's fingertip brushed across his tight ring.

"Ooomph!" Dan groaned, around a mouthful of boy-dick. Then something else replaced the finger; something much, much bigger rubbed across his hole, leaving a wet sticky trail in its wake. Dan knew instinctively what it was and tensed up in sudden panic as he realised the head of Sean's erect penis was sliding up and down his anal cleft.

"Hey, relax." Sean's said, slowly and calmly, his voice little more than a whisper. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm only rubbing it, I'm not going to push it in. Maybe some other time, if you want me to. But not tonight." He lightly kissed Dan's back, just above his arse cheeks. A second later Dan squirmed in pleasure as the teenager's tongue flicked backwards and forwards across his virgin entrance, licking away the trail of precum he'd left there a moment ago.

"I think you guy's had better stop," Sean sighed, eventually, giving Dan's arse a gentle pat as he stepped back. "That's if you still want those blow jobs. Though if you'd prefer to keep sucking and bring each other off, that's fine by me."

Almost reluctantly, Daniel rolled off his friend and onto the floor. He shot a questioning look at Rupert, who smiled, blushed, then nodded towards Sean. Dan understood. The two younger boys would have plenty of opportunities to experiment with each other, so they may as well take this chance of the promised "best blow job ever" from the experienced older boy.

"Great," said Sean, picking up on the silent exchange between the two boys. He gave a wide grin. "I was hopping that's what you would decide. Who wants to go first? I think Rupe should go first, since Dan's already shot one lot tonight."

"Sure," shrugged Dan. He crossed to the other bed and sprawled out, making himself comfortable to enjoy the show. He noticed that Sean's penis looked almost painfully hard and the head was glistening and sticky. The older boy had obviously enjoyed the show that the two youngsters had put on for him.

Rupert somehow managed to looked eager yet apprehensive at the same time as Sean arranged him on the very edge of the bed, his legs open as wide as they would go. Sean then knelt down between the younger boy's thighs and without further ado he went to work.

Dan quickly moved closer in order to get a better view. He watched, entranced, as Sean held the head of Rupert's dick lightly between his fingers and began to lick all around the shaft and down around the boy's balls, his tongue flicking in and out. After a minute or so of this he concentrated his attention on the sensitive head of Rupert's erection, pulling the skin all the way back and running his tongue around the rim and across the slit.

Rupert's eyes had widened and he was already breathing in short, quick gasps. He groaned loudly as Sean took the entire swollen organ into his mouth, his nose pressed right up against Rupert's small, red patch of soft pubic hair. Sean held his position for a few seconds then, his cheeks sucked in, he started to move his head slowly up and down, his lips forming a tight seal around the youngster's erection. Rupert's breathing was now coming even faster and he put his hands on Sean's head as if trying to force the older teen's mouth even further down on onto his cock, but Sean immediately caught hold of the boy's wrists, pushing his hands back to his sides and holding them there. Rupert's response was to try and push upwards with his hips, but his legs were spread so wide that he couldn't get much leverage. It didn't matter anyway. Seconds later Rupert gave a loud "Ughhh!" followed by an almost panic stricken "Oh, bloody hell!" and his body started to shake with the onset of orgasm.

True to his word, Sean kept his mouth around Rupert's dick, swallowing every drop of the thirteen year old's boy-juice. Only when the tension began to leave Rupert's body and his breathing settled down did Sean lift his head.

"You ok?" asked the eighteen year old, almost tenderly. He gently massaged Rupert's chest with his hand, then getting up, he lightly stroked the boy's face. "I told you I gave pretty good blow jobs."

"Yeah," sighed Rupert, with a smile. He lay back and closed his eyes.

Grinning, Sean turned around and looked at Daniel. "Your turn. Unless you've changed your mind and don't want one."

"No way. You promised, so you gotta do it."

"Alright," Sean laughed. "Let's do it."

Immediately Dan got into a similar position to Rupert, his legs wide open. His cock was pointed almost straight up and he gave a short yelp as Sean took hold of it, bent it downwards and let go, allowing it to spring straight back up again like a compass needle returning to point towards North. He slapped Sean's hand away.

Sean gave another laugh. "You guys give new meaning to the word 'stiffie'. I don't think I've ever seen dicks so hard."

"You're supposed to be sucking it, not trying to break it off," said Dan, reproachfully.

"You mean like this?" Sean asked. He lowered his head and took Dan's erection all the way into his mouth.

"Yeah," sighed Dan. "Like that." He closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensations coming from his groin. He wasn't sure exactly what Sean was doing, but it felt amazing. The older boy's mouth and tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, licking and sucking. The best bit though was when his cock was completely inside the warm cavern of Sean's mouth, with the teen's tongue rubbing against the underside of his shaft; that was without doubt the best feeling he'd ever experienced. He felt an exciting pulling sensation somewhere inside his bottom and wondered briefly whether he would be able to shoot again so soon after doing it; he'd only ever shot a few drops anyway and he'd never before tried doing it twice in a row like this. He knew with certainly that he was about to find out. The pulling sensation had grown stronger and Sean was now sucking him hard. He gasped as Sean's finger slid underneath his arse and began rubbing firmly against his hole, adding a whole new avenue of pleasure. He was now almost willing himself to cum, desperate for release. He gave a cry as his dick began to throb inside Sean's mouth. It felt like he was being turned inside out as his dick tried to shoot cum but his balls had nothing to give. He wanted Sean to stop, but at the same time he wanted him to carry on. It was like every muscle in his body had tensed up. His orgasm had only lasted seconds, but it had felt like much longer as he lay back gasping for air.

Sean lay down beside Dan, stroking the boy's naked body with his fingertips. "No need to ask whether you enjoyed it," he smiled.

"It was so good, it hurt," Dan panted.

"You don't want another one then?"

"Not tonight. But if you're offering for some other time, I'm up for it."

"Any time either of you two guys want to play around then just give me a shout," said Sean. "But in the meantime how about the two of you helping me take care of this?" He put his thumb against the base of his drooling erection and pushed it to point away from his body.

Dan looked down at the huge six inch monster then glanced across at Rupert who was watching from the other bed. Their eyes met briefly and Rupert's tongue flicked nervously across his lips.

"What do you want us to do with it?" asked the red-haired boy.

"You can come over here and sit on it if you like," Sean joked. "Or a blow-job would be nice. But I'm so horny at the moment I'd settle for the pair of you jerking me off."

Dan rolled aside, allowing Sean get onto his back in the middle of the single bed. As Dan dropped to his knees on one side of the bed, Rupert made his way to the other side. The two youngsters knelt facing each other with Sean's twitching erection between them.

"Go for it, guys," said Sean. "Make it a good one." He put his hands behind his head and lay back, closing his eyes.

With a quick look at Rupert, Dan put out his hand and wrapped his fingers tightly around the teenager's hard tool. He squeezed firmly, causing Sean to breathe in deeply, before giving his friend another questioning look.

A little nervously, Rupert added his own hand above Dan's, encasing the head of Sean's dick with his fist. Working together, the boys began to slowly wank the teen's cock, their hands moving up and down in unison.

"Oh, guys, that feels so good," Sean murmured.

After a few moments of slow stroking, Dan was feeling a little more adventurous. Sean had given brilliant blow-jobs to them both, it was only fair that they at least make the effort to return the favour. "Take your hand away a minute," he instructed Rupert. "I think we should suck him."

Rupert suddenly looked a little pale. He examined the sticky precum on his palm and briefly lifted it to his nose, sniffing it. "I dunno," he said.

"He did both of us," said Dan.

"Yeah, but we had to suck each other first," Rupert argued.

"Look, I'm going to do it. If you do it as well I'll suck you off tomorrow. How about that?" Dan noticed that Sean had opened one eye which was moving from side to side as it followed the exchange between the two youngsters.

"Aright," conceded Rupert, eventually. "But you suck it first, and he'd better not shoot in my mouth."

With a satisfied nod, Dan leaned closer and very lightly touched Sean's precum covered knob with the tip of his tongue. It was a funny taste; a little bit salty, a little bit sweet. He put out his tongue again and this time gave the velvety head a proper lick, going all way around it then up across the middle and causing Sean to groan and squirm around. "Your turn," he said.

With a look on his face that said he was doing this under protest, Rupert slowly approached the swollen organ, his tongue out. He repeated Dan's actions almost exactly then sat back on his heels and grinned sheepishly as if he had just discovered that it hadn't been as bad as he'd expected.

It was now Dan's turn again. This time he was ready to go all the way. Holding the hard shaft at the base, he leaned over it and lowered his mouth over the swollen glans, letting his lips slide across the spongy surface. Rupert's dick had felt huge when inside his mouth, but Sean's was in a different league. By the time he'd got the head and the first inch or so of shaft inside he felt like his mouth was full and he couldn't take any more. He wriggled his tongue around and sucked, instinctively keeping his teeth back out of the way. Sean obviously liked it, judging from the noises he was making. After a few moments he pulled back and with a smile, handed over once again to Rupert.

This time looking much more confident, even enthusiastic, Rupert took his turn at sucking on Sean's cock. He managed to get over half way down the shaft, then started to move his head up and down. He kept up a steady rhythm for a minute or so before Sean stopped him.

"I'm nearly ready to shoot," the older boy warned, breathlessly, as he gently pushed Rupert's head away. "Better stop sucking, unless you want your mouth full of cum. Just lick round the head," he suggested.

The boys bent in close and Dan took hold of Sean's shaft, jacking it slowly as both youngsters attacked the glans with their tongues. Sean was soon moaning and gasping and Dan discovered that the moans were loudest as he licked around the sensitive underside of the head near the frenum. Close together as they were, the youngster's tongues made frequent contact with each other in their almost rampant licking.

Sean's eyes were screwed shut. "Keep going," he begged. "Please keep going!"

The teenager's cock began to throb in Dan's hand and a long streamer of thick white cum erupted from the head like a fountain between the boy's faces, splashing down across Rupert's cheek. A second one followed, most of this one catching Dan across his nose, just below his eyes. The third and fourth eruptions were much smaller, the last one barely a dribble as Dan squeezed up from the bottom of the shaft, milking out the last drops. On impulse he licked the residue from Sean's slit then once more took the whole of the head into his mouth, sucking it clean.

Sean's face was red and his forehead and chest glistened with perspiration as he drew in deep, ragged breaths. "Shit, and I thought that I gave great head," he grinned. "You two should go into business, you'd make a fortune. You're even better than the Wicked Weasleys!"

Dan grinned back, sure that this was some sort of compliment. He started to reach for some discarded clothing to wipe the goo off his face, but Sean stopped him.

"No, don't do that, come up here," ordered the teenager.

Obediently, Dan shuffled up the bed and gasped in amazement when Sean put a hand on either side of his head and pulling him closer, licked his face clean.

"You as well," Sean said to Rupert, repeating the procedure on the other youngster.

Now cleaned up, the younger boys snuggled up to Sean, one on each side. It was a tight squeeze on the single bed, but Sean put an arm around each of them holding them tightly.

Dan was surprisingly comfortable, relaxed and extremely happy. He felt his eyes beginning to close as fatigue and the late hour began to take their toll. He loved the feeling of Sean's warm body pressed up against his own and lazily ran his fingers over the teen's chest, tracing small circles around one of his nipples.

"I think we'd better turn in and try to get some sleep," said Sean. "We've all got a busy day tomorrow."

"Can't we spend the night like this?" asked Dan reluctant to move.

"You'd probably be ok, laughed Sean. "But my arms have already gone to sleep with you pair of great lumps laid across them. Let's get some rest, there'll be plenty of other chances for cuddles and playing around."

"Don't forget your promise not to tell anyone though," reminded Rupert with a worried frown.

"I won't tell anyone," said Sean. "This is one secret that is definitely safe. I want you two all to myself."


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