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An Appointment With The School Doctor - Index Page

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When Matt received a brown envelope containing details of his appointment with the School Doctor, the fourteen year old was understandably nervous about what this might involve. However, he had no idea just how embarrassing the experience was going to turn out to be.


The story is complete in two chapters.


Chapter 1: Examined In School  

Matt turns up for his appointment unaware that there will be a third person present during the examination.


Chapter 2: Examined At Home   

For poor Matt, his medical examination was probably the most humiliating experience of his entire life. However, Gary sees things rather differently. Matt obviously needs to talk, but is he willing to open up to Gary?



Naked In School

An Appointment With The School Doctor is a Naked In School story. The "Naked in School" stories are a short series of stories connected by a common theme. Each story is entirely self-contained with its own characters and storyline. All of the stories include a teenage boy having to appear naked in some way in a school environment. Other Naked in School stories:



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