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Chapter 1: Examined In School

"I hope you've put clean underpants on this morning, Matthew."

Seated at the kitchen table, fourteen year old Matt Burridge suppressed a groan. Slowly, he chewed and swallowed the spoonful of breakfast cereal he'd just put into his mouth, ignoring his mother's voice as she called out from the top of the stairs.

"Did you hear me, Matthew? I said I hope you've put on some clean underpants."

Matt took a swallow of orange juice before he answered. "Yes, mum, I put on clean underpants this morning. Just like I did yesterday, and just like I do every other day." He spoke slowly and clearly as if answering a particularly stupid question which had been asked by a complete idiot.

As he finished speaking, his mother appeared at the kitchen door. "Don't get clever with me, Matthew," she said, obviously irritated. "When I ask a simple question, I expect a simple answer. You're going to have to get undressed for the doctor today and I don't want you caught wearing dirty underwear."

"Mum, you know I put on clean underwear every day," Matt replied, making an effort to hide is own irritation and sound polite.

"I just wanted to be sure," said his mother. "I still think it would be a good idea if I were there for your examination."

Matt's heart rate instantly doubled and his mouth went dry. "But you can't," he said, quickly. "You put on the form that you weren't going to be there." Matt remembered all too clearly his last visit to the school doctor. He'd been eleven at the time, and even at that age having to strip to his underpants and be examined in front of his mother had been acutely embarrassing. But then when the doctor had pulled down the front of his underpants to check his balls and pull back his foreskin, all with her watching, he'd just wanted to die. He was now fourteen, he had hair and everything; just the thought of her seeing him naked was enough to turn his bowels to water and cause a river of cold sweat to run down his back. "You can't change your mind now," he pleaded. "None of the other boys will have their mums there."

"Don't worry," his mother said. "I won't be coming. But I fail to see what you have to get so worked up about, you haven't got anything that I haven't seen hundreds of time before, even if it has grown a little bigger since then."

Matt blushed scarlet and suddenly became extremely interested in his bowl of cereal.

She stroked his hair, which annoyed him considerably as he'd just spent twenty minutes staring into the mirror armed with a comb and gel trying to make it look just right. "Just make sure you tell the doctor about that cough you've had for the past few weeks."

"But I haven't coughed for ages," Matt protested.

"I could always come along and tell him myself."

"Okay, okay. I'll tell him. I promise."

His mother gave a satisfied nod. "Now hurry up and finish your breakfast. You're going to be late."

Glancing at his watch, Matt realised that she was right, he needed to put a spurt on. He gulped down the last of his cereal, grabbed his school bag and set off out of the door, pausing only to glance in the hall mirror to ensure his mother hadn't done too much damage to his carefully arranged hair. Parents could be such a pain sometimes.

As he reached the gate, life threw another annoyance into his path. Coming along the street was Linda Mullins. Walking to school with her was something he could definitely do without, especially on this particular morning.

Linda had a crush on him. She made no attempt at all to hide her feelings, practically throwing herself at the boy every chance she got. This had been going on for over a year. At first Matt had found it embarrassing, now though it was just a nuisance. The fourteen year old wasn't interested. What made it worse was that most of the other boys in his class considered her a "seriously hot babe" and would follow her around with their tongues hanging out begging for her attention. None of them could understand why Matt hadn't responded to her obvious advances and "jumped into her knickers" or "fucked her brains out".

But Matt's interests lay in a different direction; a VERY different direction. He had a serious crush of his own, but not for a girl, his crush was for another boy. Matt would spend countless hours daydreaming about Gary Atkins. Gary was a prefect at Matt's school, he was eighteen years old, average height, slim build, blond haired and blue eyed, and to Matt he was a god. When Gary smiled it was like the sun coming out. Just passing him in the school corridor between classes was enough to make Matt's heart flutter and brighten up his entire day. The fourteen year old had no reason to believe that Gary even knew he existed; a little voice in his head kept telling him that he was wasting his time, that a popular, good looking guy like Gary would never look twice at a boy four years his junior, but this didn't stop Matt from trying. This was the reason for Matt's long periods in front of the mirror trying to make himself look as good as possible; the reason why he spent such a long time getting dressed and making sure his clothes looked just right. If he kept trying, then perhaps one day there just might be a chance that Gary would notice him.

"Hi Matt."

"Hi Linda." Matt forced a smile. She was still a few yards away and the polite thing to do would be to wait for her to catch up. But Matt was in no mood to be polite and just kept walking.

Linda broke into a short run then fell into step beside him. "You look good today," she said.

"Thanks." Matt tonelessly accepted the compliment. Linda look okay herself, but he decided against telling her so; there was no point in encouraging her.

"Actually, you look good every day," Linda added. "That's one of the things I really like about you, you always make an effort with your appearance. Most of the other boys just don't seem to care what they look like. Some of them look like they've slept in their clothes."

Matt nodded, vaguely, only half listening to here prattle.

"I hear you've got to see the school doctor today," Linda smiled. She giggled in a girlish way. "I wish I was the doctor, I'd love to examine you and get to check out all your little bits and pieces."

Matt sighed. He wondered how she had gotten to know. Of course, the answer was obvious. His mother and her mother were friends. "Can we not talk about it, please Linda?" he snapped.

She just laughed. "What's the matter? Nervous? Boys are always so shy when it comes to anything like that. I bet I could help you get over your shyness. Maybe we should get together sometime and 'examine' each other." She put enough emphasis on the word 'examine' to make it completely clear what she really had in mind.

"I said leave it, Linda." Matt's voice became louder as his temper got the better of him. "Why don't you just leave me alone? You're always chasing after me, following me around. But it isn't going to happen. Just get it through your thick skull that I'm not interested."

As soon as he finished his tirade he was sorry. Even though what he had said was true, he shouldn't have said it like he did. But the damage was done. Linda stared at him, her face red and her lips pressed together in a thin line. Wordlessly she turned and stormed away in the direction of the school, leaving Matt standing alone on the pavement.

Oh, just great! Matt thought to himself. Now as well as feeling nervous about the doctor, he also felt guilty about having upset Linda. Just how much worse was the day going to get?

As it turned out, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful; except of course for the encroaching examination appointment, which wasn't until late afternoon. As the day went on Matt discovered that on this visit the doctor appeared to be interested only in the boys; no girls had been given appointments. There didn't seem to be any particular pattern as to who had been selected. Most of the boys chosen were from the year above Matt's, with a few from Matt's own year and a couple from the year below. By lunchtime there were plenty of rumours going around about what exactly the examination involved; some were so over the top that Matt dismissed them immediately, but others were a little more worrying. He wasn't happy when he heard that there would be a female nurse present, especially as another of the stories said that the boys were being kept totally naked for the entire examination. There was also a story that the nurse was taking measurements of every part of the boy's bodies, including, so one boy claimed, the length of their erect cocks. But the one that made Matt most nervous was the claim that the doctor was putting his finger into each boy's arse-hole; what he was searching for in there, Matt shuddered to think!

As the time for his examination approached, Matt made his way to the school's medical room. It was actually two rooms, an outer one with a table and a few chairs which was used primarily as a waiting room and a slightly larger inner room which contained a bed and various cupboards. Matt had only been in there once before, when he had sprained his ankle playing football and had been sent to have it looked at by the school nurse. Whatever happened, he decided that this arrangement was better than when he'd last seen the doctor, at his previous school; this had been a small school had no medical room at all and the doctor was seeing the children in the school staff room. Even though there had of course been no teachers in there at the time, it had still felt very uncomfortable, stripping off amongst the easy chairs where the teachers normally relaxed between lessons.

Matt went straight into the outer room as he had been instructed, and sat down to wait. There was no one else around, but his eyes were drawn to the pile of clothing on one of the chairs. This must belong to whoever was in there at the moment, obviously it meant that Matt was going to have to strip down before going into the inner room. He wondered if perhaps he ought to be undressing now, but the written instructions he'd been given had merely said to enter and wait, there was nothing about stripping off. He decided to take the instructions at face value and keep his clothes on as long as he could. Then, with a start he realised that the top item of clothing on the pile was a pair of boxers. His stomach turned over. This could only mean that at least one of the stories he'd heard had been right; he was going to have to be completely naked.

He sat and waited for around ten minutes, fighting a battle with the butterflies in his stomach. It was no big deal, he kept telling himself. People were checked out by doctors every day, it was nothing to get uptight about. In fact, was hardly any different from showering with the other boys after a PE lesson. But however much he reasoned with himself, it didn't seem to make him feel any better. All this waiting around sure didn't help. He wondered what was happening in the other room, but the only sound coming through the closed door was the muted buzzing of voices, he couldn't make out what they were saying. He wondered vaguely who was in there at the moment and whether it was anyone he knew. A slight thrill went through him as it occurred to him that since the boy, who ever he was, was naked in the other room and all of his clothes were out here, he would still be naked when he came out. Then a wild thought occurred to Matt. What if by some amazing stroke of fate the clothes belonged to Gary Atkins. He imagined his idol coming through that door, naked as the day he was born. The image had a predictable effect and Matt felt a stirring in his groin. As he realised what was happening he began to panic. Any moment now he would be required to take all of his clothes off and here he was getting an erection. He cursed himself for being so stupid. The clothes couldn't belong to Gary anyway. From what Matt had heard, this examination session was confined to thirteen, fourteen and fifteen year olds; Gary, at eighteen, was well outside the range.

In his keyed up state, Matt almost had a heart attack when the door opened. And he almost dropped down dead with shock when Gary Atkins came out.

There was however a major difference between the real Gary Atkins and the one in Matt's short fantasy of moments before; the real one was fully dressed and carrying a clipboard.

Gary gave Matt a brief but friendly smile then glanced down at his clipboard. "Are you Matthew Burridge?"

"Yeah, but it's Matt, not Matthew," Matt corrected, automatically. "Only my mum calls me Matthew."

"No problem, Matt it is," said Gary, sitting on the empty chair next to the fourteen year old. "You play for the school under 15s, don't you? I've seen you play, you're pretty good. I'm Gary by the way."

"Thanks," Matt blushed, thrilled both with the compliment and the fact that Gary had recognised him, even if the older boy hadn't known his name. "And, yeah, I already knew who you were."

"You did? I didn't realize I was so famous." Gary gave what Matt thought was a dazzling smile. "You look a bit nervous. Try not to worry, it's not so bad in there. The doctor's pretty cool for an older guy and there's no needles or anything so he's not going to do anything that will hurt. I guess you're wondering where I fit in."

"Well, maybe just a bit."

"More like a lot," Gary replied, his smile broadening even further. "You've probably noticed the doctor's running a bit late. It's because during the examination he has to collect all sorts of measurements for some daft statistical survey or something. It's nothing for you to get uptight about, mainly it's strange things like the distance between your elbow and wrist and between your elbow and shoulder and loads of other similar stuff. God knows what use it's going to be to anybody. Anyway, when he started this morning he had a nurse helping him with the measuring but half way through the morning she went home sick; some woman's trouble or something." He pulled an unpleasant face. "By lunch time he was miles behind schedule. It seems that they couldn't get a replacement for the nurse so the doctor asked if there was anyone else who would be able to lend a hand. It was a choice of either one of the teachers or one of the prefects and they decided it would be less embarrassing for you lot if one of the prefects did it. So I ended up with the job."

"So you're helping the doctor with the examinations?" Matt asked.

"Not exactly," Gary answered. "I'm just doing some of the measuring and writing the results down on a form."

Matt remembered one of the rumours he'd heard. "Is it true what they're saying that everything gets measured? You know... down there?" He nodded in the direction of his crotch, trying not to blush.

Gary grinned. "Yeah, it's true. But only if you get a boner during the examination."

Matt's mouth went dry. "What do you mean?"

"If you get hard, you get measured," Gary explained. "There's no point in measuring it soft since it doesn't have a constant size, though there's only been one kid so far this afternoon who didn't throw a woody. Don't worry though, it's the doctor that'll be measuring you down there. I just get boring arms and legs, he gets all the interesting stuff."

Matt didn't know whether to be please or disappointed at this news. Though he was determined that he was going to avoid getting an erection if he could possibly help it.

"We'd better get started here," said Gary. "Otherwise you won't be ready when the doctor finishes the one he's on at the moment. Get your kit off and leave it on the chair, it'll be safe here."

"Do I have to take everything off," Matt asked.

"I'm afraid so," Gary confirmed.

Reluctantly Matt began to pull off his clothes, dropping them on the chair as instructed. "It feels funny getting undressed with you stood watching me," he said.

"I can always turn my back if you like," smiled Gary. "But I don't think there would be a lot of point as I'm going to see everything when we get in there anyway. Just think yourself lucky your mother didn't decide to come with you."

"She seriously considered it," said Matt, with a frown.

Gary chuckled. "There was a guy this afternoon who's mother came. I think he was from the year above you. Shit, just imagine it! Fifteen years old and having your mother go with you to the doctor. I felt really sorry for the poor sod, especially when he popped a boner; I don't know who was the most embarrassed, him or his mother. The doctor doesn't like parents to come either. It slows things down. If one of the parents is there he has to completely finish the examination before getting started on the next. He likes to overlap them to save time; while he finishes examining one, I start the measuring on the next."

By this time Matt was down to just his boxers. He paused before taking this final step.

Gary's gaze travelled up and down the younger boy. "You've got a really nicely toned body," he said. "Do you work out?"

"Not especially," Matt blushed. "But I do a lot of sports."

Gary nodded. "I thought so, it shows. Be quick and get those shorts off and let's get in there before he sends out a search party to find out where I've gone. You're the last one of the day and I don't think he'll be happy if he has to wait around for you."

Shyly, Matt turned his back on the eighteen year old before removing his shorts. At least he was no longer in immediate danger of getting erection. In fact, his nervousness had caused his penis to shrink and his balls to pull up tight to his body. He really didn't want to turn around, convinced that the older boy would fall about laughing at the size of his tackle. But when he did turn he deliberately avoided covering himself and stared defiantly at Gary's face watching for even the slightest trace of humour.

Gary, however, didn't laugh, he just gave Matt an encouraging smile and led the way into the other room.

As Matt followed Gary through the door, he couldn't help but stop and stare at the sight which greeted him. Sitting facing him, on the bed, was Carl Watson, a boy from the year above Matt's. Matt knew Carl quite well, as the previous year they had both played for the same football team, and he had even seen Carl naked a couple of times in the showers after matches. But he'd never seen him like this before. Carl was sporting the biggest boner that Matt had ever seen. This was not actually such an achievement, as the only erect penis that Matt had ever seen, except for in his dreams, was his own, so the fourteen year old didn't have much experience to draw on in that department. But the sight of Carl's cock standing stiff and proud was enough to stop the young teen in his tracks. Seeing Matt's reaction, Carl turned a deep red and placed his hands in front of himself.

The other person in the room was a middle aged man in a dark suit, standing next to the bed, who Matt assumed must be the doctor. The man was busy writing something, but he looked up and smiled as they entered.

"You must be Matthew," said the doctor.

"Matt. He prefers to be called Matt, not Matthew." Gary had jumped in with the correction before Matt had had chance to respond. The older boy grinned at the youngster, who nodded his thanks.

"Oh, well, Matt if you prefer." The doctor waved his hand absently. "I'll be ready for you in a few moments Matt, but until then Gary is going to start taking some measurements. It's a bit of a bore I'm afraid, but it's nothing at all for you to worry about. All you need do is just stand there and let him get on with it." The doctor turned his attention back to the boy on the bed.

"Told you he's not so bad," Gary whispered, bending close to Matt's ear. He led the boy to stand by a small table, next to the bed, which held a measuring tape and a pile of papers. "Hold out your left arm."

Matt put out his arm as requested. Picking up the tape, Gary began taking measurements and writing the results on one of the papers. The doctor had been right, it was a bore. Matt stood patiently as the older boy carefully measured the length of each finger, the length of his forearm between elbow and wrist, the circumference of his forearm at it's widest point; Matt was asked to flex for this one, the list went on an on. But whilst all this measuring was boring, what was happening on the bed certainly wasn't!

The room wasn't exactly large and was arranged so that the bed stood with it's top end against the wall, allowing access to both sides. The doctor was working on the opposite side of the bed to where Matt was being measured, this meant that Matt had an unobstructed, close-up view of the boy who was being examined.

The doctor had now got Carl to lay on the bed, flat on his back, with his arms at his sides. This meant that his cock, which was still fully hard, lay on his flat stomach. Try as he might to look at other things, Matt found his eyes drawn towards that hard organ. He was fascinated by the way it would twitch and jerk up off the boy's stomach for a second before falling back down again. With a start, Matt noticed the stirrings in his own groin and knew that he was about to get a boner of his own. He tried to think of other things; there was poster on the wall, something about eating healthily, but somehow it didn't take his mind off the problem.

The doctor chose that moment to reach down and take hold of the head of Carl's twitching erection. The boy on the bed gave a soft involuntary gasp as his foreskin was pulled fully down to reveal the purple crown beneath. That was when Matt knew he had lost the battle.

As he watched the doctor gently squeeze Carl's swollen glans between his fingers, Matt felt his own penis stiffen and rise up to full hardness. He was horrified, no one had ever seen him hard before. He felt blood rush to his face and his cheeks begin to burn with shame.

"Stop getting so worked up about it," Gary's voice whispered gently in his ear. "Exactly the same thing has happened to almost every kid who's been in here today. You've nothing to be ashamed of."

Matt forced a smile, which Gary returned, giving the younger boy's shoulder a comforting squeeze.

"That's your arm's done," said Gary, in a normal voice. "Now it's your legs, though I'm going to have to be careful not to get my eye poked out while I'm down there."

The doctor heard this and looked up, frowning. "That's enough, Gary. I don't want to hear anymore comments like that. Just concentrate on what you are doing." He returned his attention back to examination of Carl's penis.

From his kneeling position on the floor, Gary looked up at Matt and gave a sly wink, causing the fourteen year old to smile in spite of his feelings of embarrassment.

"Turn over onto your side, please Carl, facing away from me and pull your knees right up to your stomach," said the doctor, letting go of Carl's erection. As the boy rolled over the doctor proceeded to pull on a disposable glove and squeeze some sort of gel onto one of the fingers.

Matt couldn't believe what he was watching. Even though he couldn't see exactly where the doctor pushed his finger, it didn't take much imagination to work it out, especially considering the way Carl had screwed his eyes shut and was breathing heavily. Matt had heard stories about guys fucking each other and had sometimes wondered what it would be like to have another boy's hard dick pushed up his arse. Sometimes at night in bed he'd touched himself there, but whilst rubbing his finger over the hole had felt good, when he'd tried to push the tip of his finger inside it had hurt like hell and he'd quickly stopped. He felt a strange mixture of fear and excitement knowing that in a few minutes time he would be undergoing the same procedure as the boy on the bed.

The doctor's forehead was furrowed with concentration. "Nearly done, just try and relax," he said, responding to the low, involuntary moans that Carl was making. "There, that's it. All finished." Carl gave a long sigh of relief as the doctor's finger came out of his hole.

As Matt watched the doctor, quickly wiped Carl's arse with a paper towel, then stripped off the glove, tossing it into a bin before turning away to wash his hands in the sink At that moment the back of Gary's fingers briefly brushed against his balls, causing him to jump.

"Sorry." Gary, looking extremely guilty, mouthed the word rather than spoke it aloud, then glanced across to make sure the doctor hadn't seen. Matt assumed the touch had been an accident as Gary took his leg measurements, though accident or not, the contact had caused his cock to jerk in response.

Matt had been trying not to think about the fact that the boy he idolised was kneeling on the floor in front of him; the older teen's face was little more than inches away from Matt's engorged erection. But the brief touch to his balls, even under these circumstances, had felt great. He wanted so much to feel Gary's strong fingers around his cock. He wished it were Gary who was about to examine him so intimately and push a finger up his arse, instead of that old fart of a doctor. With a start, he realised that once again he was letting his mind get carried in a direction inappropriate to his situation. His cock was now harder than ever and his piss slit, peeking out through his stretched foreskin, was shiny with precum. "Oh fuck," he muttered silently to himself.

"You're done Carl," the doctor announced. "No problems, nothing to worry about. You can go and get dressed now."

Self-consciously, the boy climbed up off the bed, his erection standing straight up in front of him. Pulling a face, he briefly wriggled his hips as if to rid himself of the feeling of the doctor's digit in his arse hole, then quickly disappeared out of the door in search of his clothes.

With a sinking feeling, Matt knew that it was now his turn to be intimately probed and poked.

"How are you doing there, Gary?" the doctor asked.

The eighteen year old looked up from his position on the floor. "I've still to get most of the measurements for his right leg."

The doctor muttered something inaudible then said, "Leave it. As long as you've done the left leg, I'll use those to make up some figures for the right. He looks pretty symmetrical to me." He looked Matt up and down and gave him a grin. "I think this whole measuring thing is a pointless idea anyway," he explained. "It's takes me long enough to make sure everything is in working order without wasting time collecting statistics that will in all probability never be used for anything."

Matt felt a moment of relief. Perhaps this meant that the doctor wouldn't after all be taking the most embarrassing measurements. However, the relief was short lived.

"Pass me the tape, Gary. I suppose we'd better get this last bit out of the way so that I can get on with what I'm really here for." The doctor held out his hand and Gary gave him the measuring tape.

Gently, but firmly, the doctor took hold of the head of Matt's erection and pushed it down until his hard cock was parallel with the floor. Then, using the tape, he measured its length from root to tip.

"Five and a half inches," he said, aloud, giving Matt a smile. "Not bad for a youngster." Wrapping the tape around the shaft, about half way along it's length, he measured its girth. "Almost exactly 4 inches." Gary dutifully recorded these measurements onto his clipboard.

"Did you masturbate this morning?"

The doctor's question, coming right out of the blue, left Matt with his mouth hanging open in shock. He was still trying to come to terms with the fact that this was the first time anyone had ever touched his erect penis and to have such a personal question thrown at him without any warning had left him completely lost for words.

"Erm... er.... no," he stuttered, feeling his face begin to flush.

"I thought not," the doctor observed, "considering your over excited state." He was referring to the sticky fluid which coated the tip of Matt's dick. "I suppose you do masturbate?"

This was turning out even more embarrassing than Matt had expected. "Well, yeah, I guess," he mumbled, staring down at his feet.

"Speak up, young man," said the doctor. "Masturbation isn't something dirty that you should be ashamed of. We all do it. I do it. So does young Gary here. Don't you Gary?"

"Eh? Erm... yeah, I guess."

Matt looked up at the eighteen year old and was relieved to see that even Gary could be shocked by something. Going by the colour of his face, this line of questioning had come as a surprise to the older boy as well.

The doctor just shook his head. "It always amazes me how young people can joke and talk openly about all sorts of sexual matters, but ask them if they masturbate and they suddenly decide they are shy." He looked directly at Matt. "If you, young man, had masturbated this morning, you may not be in the state you're in now. Unless of course you're overactive in that department. Do you have any problems with night time emissions?"

"With what?" Matt had only been half listening; he was busy wishing he were somewhere else.

"He means do you get wet dreams?" Gary grinned, apparently now recovered from his own embarrassment.

"Yes, thank you, Gary," the doctor frowned. "I can manage without your help."

"No, I've never had one of those," Matt said, quickly, hoping to bring and end to this topic of discussion.

The doctor appeared satisfied. He picked up a paper towel and casually cleaned the worst of the precum from Matt's penis, while the fourteen year old just stood and watched, mortified. Throwing away the paper towel, the doctor asked Matt to stand with his legs slightly apart and the proceeded to have a good feel of the boy's balls, rolling them around between his fingers, first one and then the other. "Good, there doesn't seem to be any problems down there," he said, standing back. "Just sit up on the bed for me."

The next few minutes were filled with routine checks as the doctor examined Matt's ears and eyes and pressed his tongue down with a wooden spatula so that he could see down his throat. He had a good feel at the glands in Matt's neck, then used his stethoscope to listen at the boy's chest and back. Matt flinched at the first touch of the cold metal disk, but otherwise none of this bothered him at all; his mind was focused entirely on what he knew would shortly follow.

After checking Matt's reflexes by getting him to cross his legs and tapping his knee with a small hammer, the doctor paused the examination to write down a few notes, leaving the fourteen year still sitting on the bed.

Throughout the examination Gary had just stood and watched. Matt now felt a little more comfortable with the older boy's presence and it no longer bothered him quite so much that he was naked in front of the eighteen year old, though he still wished that his erection would go away. At least, being the last appointment of the day, there wouldn't be another boy coming in to watch the last part of his examination, like he had done with Carl.

"Right, let's get this finished," said the doctor, laying aside his papers. "Lie down flat on your back. Just try and relax."

They were fast approaching the part that Matt had been dreading the most and his heart began to pound in his chest. He tried to follow the doctors advice and relax, but all he could think about was where the doctor was going to be putting his finger.

The doctor spent a couple of moments pressing various places on Matt's stomach, asking the boy if there were any discomfort. To which Matt replied that there wasn't. Happy with this, the doctor moved his hand lower to took and firm hold of the boy's dick. Holding it pointed directly upwards, he skinned back the foreskin.

As the doctor touched Matt's erection, the boy was unable to suppress a shudder and he sucked in a deep breath through his nose. He'd never realized before just how sensitive his cock was. The feeling of cool air on his glans as the doctor pulled back his foreskin was incredible, he couldn't remember ever being this hard before. Knowing that Gary was just a couple of feet away, watching everything that was happening, was both embarrassing, but at the same time incredibly erotic. Matt let out a gasp as the doctors fingers made contact with his swollen glans, squeezing it to open up the hole. He wished the doctor would hurry up, much more of this and he knew he was going to shoot, it was such an effort not to thrust upwards with his hips. He tried to ignore the tingling of approaching orgasm building in his groin.

Just as Matt thought he couldn't hold back any longer, the doctor released his cock, letting flap back down onto his stomach. The boy was feeling a strange mixture of disappointment and intense relief. He had almost reached the point of no return and to be denied release at this stage was almost painful, yet at the same time the humiliation he would have felt if the doctor had caused him to shoot his load, especially in front of Gary, would have been truly awful.

"Almost done," said the doctor. "Roll over onto your side and lift your knees up to your stomach."

This was it, this was the bit he had been dreading most. The butterflies in Matt's stomach were performing a frantic mating dance as he rolled over to face Gary. The older boy gave him a sympathetic smile then turned his attention to whatever the doctor was doing behind Mat's back.

In his mind, Matt pictured the doctors actions as he'd watched him prepare to do this to Carl earlier. The doctor would be putting on his disposable glove and squirting the gel onto his finger. It seemed to be taking forever, Matt wondered why it was taking so long. Having his knees pulled up had caused his arse cheeks to part and he could feel the cool air on his exposed hole. He felt his anal ring clench tightly closed, anticipating the doctor's touch. He jumped as he felt the doctor's hand on his hip.

"You need to try and relax," said the man, "This will only take a minute and at the very worst it should only be mildly uncomfortable.

Something cool and moist touched Matt's hole and he automatically clenched even tighter. He felt the doctors finger pressing against him, lightly at first, but then more firmly.

"Relax, Matt, don't fight it," the doctor warned. "This will be more uncomfortable for you if you do."

It was no good, Matt couldn't stop himself from tensing up. He felt the pressure on his ring increase and the doctor's fingertip slip inside causing him to give a gasp of discomfort."

"Take it easy, Matt." This time it was Gary who spoke, in a soft, calm voice. The older boy placed a comforting hand on Matt's shoulder, his gentle touch so cool and reassuring. Just for a moment Matt was distracted and he relaxed in spite of himself. That moment was all it took for the doctors finger to slip all the way inside.

Matt let out a groan. This was something like he had never felt before. He was once more on verge of orgasm. Such a mixture of sensations, the doctor's finger in his arse, his hard cock, throbbing between his thighs and the wonderful feeling of Gary's cool hand on the bare skin of his shoulder. Before he knew what he was doing he was once again clenching with his anal ring, but this time trying to draw the doctor's finger further inside him. He felt the finger move and suddenly it was as if a button had been pressed and a bolt of electricity fired through his groin. His eyes focussed on the concerned face of the eighteen year old he had so long lusted after and his hips tried to thrust forwards, in spite of his curled up position. "Ooooh, Gary," he groaned, softly, and jets of white cum spurted from his cock, splashing against his stomach and dribbling down onto the bed.

For long moments Matt just lay there with his eyes closed, breathing heavily. He couldn't believe what he had just done. Cumming in front of the doctor was bad enough, but having Gary there to witness it as well was worse, and worst of all, he'd actually moaned Gary's name as he shot. He wondered how he was going to face the eighteen year old. What if Gary told people about what he'd done? Everyone would be laughing at him.

"Hey, Matt, it's all over." Gary gently shook the boy's shoulder.

Reluctantly Matt opened his eyes, but deliberately looked away, avoiding the older boy's gaze.
The doctor had just finished washing his hands and was drying them. "You've nothing to be upset about, young man. You aren't the first person to ejaculate during an examination and you won't be the last. At least it shows everything is in working order." He threw Matt a paper towel. Clean yourself up and then you can go and get dressed. We're all finished here."

Matt caught the towel and cleaned off his dick and stomach, all the time keeping his eyes down. He was about to wipe the bed when he once more felt Gary's touch on his shoulder."

"Leave that," Gary said. "I'll take care of it, you go and get yourself dressed. I'll come out in a moment."

Still keeping his eyes downwards, Matt handed over the towel. Worse and worse, now Gary was going to be cleaning up his cum! He went quickly through the door to the outer room where his clothes were waiting, closing the door behind him. He dressed probably faster than he had ever dressed in his life before, determined to be away from there before the eighteen year old appeared. His luck was in; the door to the inner room remained firmly closed as he hurried away.



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