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Another grey morning. I yawned as I looked out of the window at the pouring rain. Just as well I didn't need to go out anywhere today. Still, it was getting a little boring. Faced with another day alone watching TV and playing video games even the thought of getting back to college seemed suddenly appealing. I laughed to myself. Things must be desperate if I was actually considering the appeal of sitting through boring lectures on American Economic History; that certainly wasn't a natural thing for a healthy, hot-blooded nineteen year old to be thinking.

What could I do to pass the time today? I had the house completely to myself, my parents wouldn't be home from work until the evening. I could throw a party, or have a wild orgy. Let's see, who could I invite? Well, there was my best friend Marcus. The only problem was that he wasn't around, I'd tried ringing him yesterday and he was away. Besides, we didn't share the same sexual preference, more's the pity; Marcus was a hot guy. Nope, it was going to be TV and video games again; unless of course it stopped raining. Some hopes!

I headed towards the bathroom, loosening my bathrobe as I went. A slow jerkoff under the shower would pass the time. I hung my robe behind the door and reached for the tap.


The doorbell. Shit! Perfect timing. Quickly I put my robe back on and cursed quietly to myself all the way to the front door.

As I opened the door my eyes went wide with with a mixture of surprise and amusment. On the doorstep was a drowned rat. Well, not exactly a drowned rat, but someone doing a very good impression of one. "Flip!"

Flip was the boy from next door. We'd known each other for years and though we had always gotten along pretty well, we'd never been close exactly, probably due to the four year age difference; Flip was only fifteen.

"Hi, Mike. Can I come in?"

He looked thoroughly dejected as he stood on the doorstep dripping and shivering. It would have taken someone with a heart of stone to turn him away. Not that I would have anyway.

"What've you been doing out in this?" I asked, stepping back away from the door to allow him to enter.

"Delivering newspapers. I have a newspaper round. But when I got home I couldn't find my keys."

"Isn't there anyone home?"

He shook his head. "No, mom and dad are both at work. They won't be home until 5 or 6 tonight. I didn't know what else to do, so I came over here. Hope you don't mind."

"'Course I don't mind. You can't exactly spend all day outside in this weather. But, erm..."

"What's the matter?" He asked, looking worried.

"Well," I looked him up and down. "You can't sit around in that condition. You're soaked through. Look, I was just about to take a shower, but I think your need is greater than mine at the moment. Come on, let's get you out of those wet things and I'll find something dry for you to wear."

I led the way to the bathroom and he followed, trying not to drip on the carpet. Once in the bathroom I had a better idea. Watching him shivering it was obvious he was chilled to the bone. A bath would be far better than a shower. "We need to get you warmed up," I said, turning on the taps. "Get those wet things off while I go and find you a clean towel." He looked uncertain. "Don't worry," I said encouragingly, "Just drop your stuff in a pile on the floor, later I'll see what I can do about getting some of it dried." Giving him a smile, I left him to start undressing while I went towel hunting.

By the time I returned to the bathroom Flip was waiting, wearing just his briefs, his arms around his middle as hugged himself to try and keep warm. I was immediately fighting a losing battle not to stare. This boy was seriously cute. Flip had always been just "the kid next door"; I'd hardly ever given him a second glance, hardly ever spoken to him. Now I'd fallen instantly head over heels in lust. He had one of those modern hair cuts, almost shaved at the sides but left longer in a wide strip down the middle. It was usually brushed straight back, now though his wet, brown hair was untidily plastered across his head. His eyes were big and brown; gentle eyes which I'm sure at other times could have held more than a hint of mischief. His appealingly freckled nose topped a generous mouth; I wondered briefly whether those beautiful lips had ever been kissed. I thought perhaps not, and was sorely tempted to remedy the situation.

Flips body was slim and boyish, but looked to be developing very nicely in all the right places; his chest was completely smooth with just a little definition around his pecs, the cold making his nipples stand out hard and erect. He had a firm stomach with just a few wisps of hair poking out from the top of his briefs. Almost unconsciously, I felt my eyes drawn further down to check out his package. What I saw left very little to the imagination. The wet had soaked right through to his briefs and the cotton material was semi-translucent. His pubic hair was clearly visible, dark against the light color of the briefs and his nicely formed cock made a short ridge pointing to the left.

With a start I realized that I was standing oggling this boy's body while he was shivering from cold. I tore my eyes away and after quickly hanging up the towel I checked the water. It was hot, but not too hot.

"You may as well get in," I said. "Leave the water running until you have enough. At least you'll be a bit warmer in there. I'll make you hot drink. Hot chocolate ok?"

"Yeah, chocolate would be great. Thanks."

Flip made no move to remove his briefs, obviously waiting for me to leave. I left him too it and headed for the kitchen.

I was on autopilot as I made the hot chocolate. My mind was in a whirl. Flip was hot. I desperately wanted to to touch that beautiful body, to run my hands across his smooth young flesh. But a part of mind kept reminding me that this kid was only fifteen and that I had no business thinking about him in this way. In the last couple of years I'd messed around with other guys my own age, but this was the first time I'd seriously considered sex with a boy so much younger than myself. As my brain weighed up the arguments, my cock had already made up it's own mind and was pushing out of the front of my robe. Suddenly I laughed. I was being completely stupid. I thought of the old joke about a man not having enough blood to power his brain and his dick at the same time; I hadn't even been considering how Flip might feel about the matter. The kid probably wasn't even gay. Best to forget the whole idea.

Quickly I finished making the chocolate, tucked my erection under the belt of my robe and hurried through to ensure Flip had turned off the taps before he flooded the bathroom.

The bathroom was thick with steam. Flip was laid out full length, his eyes closed, as he relaxed in the hot water. He gave a start as I entered and quickly covered his crotch with his hands.

"Umm... I brought you your chocolate."

For a second he looked a little uncomfortable as he realised he couldn't take the cup from me without exposing himself. Then he gave a shy smile. "I guess as we're both guys it doesn't matter," he said, holding out his hands to accept the cup.

I returned his smile and allowed myself a very brief glance at his now uncovered groin. "Hope you didn't lose anything important to frostbite," I joked.

He blushed, then giggled softly as he sipped the hot liquid. "Nah, but another few minutes out in the cold and it could have been a different matter." I saw I had been right about the mischief appearing in his eyes.

"Good thing you had the sense to come here then. It would have been no fun having to sing soprano for the rest of your life."

"It sure wouldn't," he replied, forcing his voice down as deep as it would go and we both laughed.

He now seemed completely relaxed about me being there so I sat carefully down on the edge of the bath. He looked so sweet and innocent laying there in the water. Just looking at him set my heart beating fit to burst. I searched desperately for something else to say.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Damn! Why did I ask that, straight out of the blue? I silently cursed myself.

Flip looked a little surprised at the question and look at me thoughtfully. Then he smiled. "Yeah, or rather, no."

"Well, that's a nice clear answer." Having clumsily brought up the subject, I tried to sound as though I wasn't particularly interested one way or the other. I was far from convinced that I had succeeded.

"I had a girlfriend up to yesterday," Flip explained. "But I found out she was dating another guy at the same time as me."

"That sucks."

"Yeah, that's what I thought. Then I realised that I didn't really care anyway. Let him have her, he's welcome to her."

"That's the right attitude," I said. "You're well rid."

The grin was back on his face again. "What about you? Have you got a girl?"

"Erm, no, not at the moment."

"I see." Flip's eyes narrowed and his grin broadened. "You're just waiting for the right person to come along." He put a lot of emphasis on the word "person", making it quite obvious that he had deliberately chosen to use that word instead of "girl".

"Something like that," I replied, perhaps a little too quickly.

He nodded. "He'll probably appear when you least expect it." He stared me straight in the eye, a broad smile on his face. He knew. He knew and it didn't bother him and more than that, he was flirting with me. I couldn't believe this was happening.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you're a tease?." I returned his grin as I dipped my hand into the water and touched his thigh.

His reaction was instantaneous and totally unexpected. "Don't...!" He recoiled from my touch as if burnt, he cheeky grin replaced by a look of fear and horror.

I snatched my hand away and jumped to my feet. "I'm sorry, I thought..." I stopped, not knowing what to say. What had I thought? That a fifteen year old kid was coming onto me? How could I have been so stupid? "Look, I'm sorry, ok?" I quickly left the bathroom unable to even look him in the face.

I spent the next ten minutes pacing backwards and forwards across the kitchen. I'd obviously misread the situation badly. I'd been sure he was flirting with me. But even if he had been I should have had more sense than to go leaping in like that. I had an insane picture in my head of Flip leaping from the bath and running naked out into the street screaming "Rape!"

Hearing a noise behind me I turned. Flip was standing in the kitchen doorway, a towel wrapped around his waist, drops of water like shining pearls on his shoulders and chest. He looked both frightened and upset, which made him appear even younger than his fifteen years.

For a long moment we just looked at each other. "I'm sorry," he said, eventually, a slight tremour in his voice. He walked slowly towards me. "I could tell by the way you were looking at me that you thought I was pretty hot, and I guess I was flattered. But when you actually touched me it took me by suprise. I was scared. I've never done anything before, not even with a girl. But..." He hesitated, as if trying to get up the courage to say what he wanted. "Maybe we can do something. That is, if you still want to." The last bit came out as little more than a mumble. He was blushing furiously, a red glow which covered not just his face but whole upper body.

"We can do anything you want to do," I said, softly. "But I need to be sure that you're doing it because you want to and not for any other reason."

"I'm still scared," he admitted, "but yeah, I want you to."

"Well, it looks like someone's gonna have to touch you since you obviously need help to dry yourself properly. Come here."

Shyly, he took the last couple of steps towards me. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked into his beautiful brown eyes. "You were sure right about one thing," I told him. "I do think you are pretty hot." He blushed again. Slowly I lowered my head and licked one of the drops of water from his cheek. It tasted like the sweetest wine and I was immediately thirsty for more. Lowering my head further I lapped up more drops from the silky smooth skin of his chest. A shudder passed though his body as the tip of my tongue brushed against one of his nipples and for a moment I thought his legs might give way. I straightened and pulled him to me, pressing his damp body tightly against my robe. My hand wandered down his back, gently tracing his spine towards it's base. As my hand reached the towel; the material rough compared to the softness of his skin, I gave it a tug and let it fall to the floor leaving him totally naked. I returned my hand to his back and continued down until it reached the damp cleft of his ass. Slowly I ran my fingers down between those soft mounds until they reached his most private place. He gave a gasp and raised up onto his toes as I pressed a finger tip gently but firmly against his hole. "Feel good?" I murmured into his ear."

"Yeah, that feels good. Press harder."

"Later," I smiled. "If I try to push it in dry it's gonna hurt. And that's the last thing I want to do to you." I kissed him on the forehead. "I want a good look at you." I backed him up against one of the kitchen work surfaces and putting my hands on the backs of his thighs just below that sweet ass, I lifted him up until he was sitting on the worktop.

My breath caught in my throat as I stepped back. "Pretty hot" didn't even come close. He sat with his legs opened wide, fully exposed to my hungry gaze. His cock was beautiful, standing up straight and hard between his legs, it must have been around 6 inches. The swollen head nodded hypnotically as I watched, calling to me. Below his cock a pair of nice sized balls nestled in their tight, hairless sack. Apart from a light coating of hair on his arms and legs and a small tidy bush just above his cock, his body was completely smooth. At that moment I wanted him more than I've ever wanted anything in my life before. Unable to resist, I reached out my hand and brushed my finger tips lightly up the underside of of the boy's hard penis causing it to jerk sharply. Flip groaned and tensed. Encouraged, I wrapped my fingers tightly around the shaft and moved my fist slowly up and down a couple of times.

Flip watched me, breathing deeply, his eyes wide. He looked briefly disappointed as I let go of his dick and stepped back, but it was only so I could remove my own robe. Throwing it aside, I took Flips hand in my own and guided it towards my own erection. Flip took the hint and was soon jerking me steadily while I returned my attention to his hard member. I stroked him with one hand while I gently played with his balls with the other. "I want to suck you," I said, after a few moments.

"Ok," he said, a little nervously.

"Don't worry," I smiled. "It won't hurt. I promise. If I do anything you don't like, just tell and I'll stop."

He nodded and allowed me to push him backwards until he was laying on his back on the work-surface. Placing my hand flat on his stomach, over his pubic hair, I pushed on the base of his cock until it was pointing directly at the ceiling. Leaning forwards I blew gently across the purple head, causing Flip to squirm and groan. Putting out my tongue I made first contact with the sensitive organ, licking all the way around it. Flip groaned louder than ever and thrust his hips upwards.

"Hey, take it easy!" I exclaimed, jokingly, as I jumped back out of the way. "You could have had my eye out."

"Sorry," he replied, breathing heavily. "I've never felt anything like that before."

"It's ok, kiddo, I want this to be good for you. Just lay back and enjoy!"

I was about to go down on him again, but I paused. "Wait a second." I'd had an idea. "Stay exactly like that, don't move a muscle." I charged through to my bedroom and returned seconds later with a bottle of baby oil. "I want to make your first blow job one you will never forget," I told him. "Lift you legs. Yeah, that's it. Put your hands behind your knees and pull them back." I now had access to every part of him, exactly what I wanted.

"Remember, if you want me to stop, you only have to say," I reminded him. I poured a little oil onto his chest and stomach before liberally coating both my hands and smearing some between his ass cheeks.

The slippery oil made made his gorgeous body appear to glow. Just looking at this hot kid, all fully exposed with all his treasures on display and ready for anything I wanted to do to him had me almost ready to cum.

Carefully, I again pushed against the base of his dick until it was once again upright. A pearl of precum had appeared on the tip. I lapped it up, savouring the sweet, salty taste. If Flip was enjoying this even half as much as me then he must think he'd died and gone to heaven. I took the whole head of his organ into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it. Flip tensed and only the fact that he had his legs in the air prevented him from once more thrusting upwards with his hips. Slowly I moved my head down allowing his dick head to slide across my tongue and into my throat while keeping my lips wrapped tightly around the hard shaft. At the same time I placed a well oiled finger up against his exposed hole and pushed steadily. There was a momentary resistance before the tip of my finger slipped inside, causing a grunt of suprise from the boy beneath me. I waited a moment before withdrawing my finger and then pushing it in once again, this time a little further. Gradually taking it a little further each time, I soon had my entire index finger buried deep in his teenage ass. Setting up a steady rhythm, I thrust my finger in and out, while at the same time I began to firmly rub his oiled chest and stomach with my other hand.

Flip seemed lost in his own private world of pleasure. His eyes were closed and he had his head back and mouth open as he gasped in deep shuddering breaths. His breathing became even more ragged as I massaged his throbbing dick with my lips and tongue. By now I was taking in it's full length, going all the way down until my nose pushed up against his pubes. I'd pull back slowly then push my head back down, each thrust letting the head of his cock slide into the back of my throat.

I could tell from the noises that Flip was making and the writhing of his young body that he was getting close. Suddenly his body tensed and his cock seemed to swell even further inside my mouth. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I pulled my finger all the way out of his ass, then thrust back in with two fingers together, hard, fast and deep. A long, strangled cry forced itself from Flips throat. His hands clenched into fists as he dropped his arms to his sides. Slamming his feet down hard onto the worktop he thrust his hips upwards, ramming his spasming cock deep into my throat. His whole body shook from the intensity of his orgasm and I could feel the ring of his ass clamping tightly around my fingers as streams of hot boy-juice pumped into my throat. It must only have lasted seconds, but the seconds drew themselves out into hours before the tension began to leave Flips body and his muscles started to relax. Gently I lowered him back to the worktop, at the same time slowly easing my fingers out from inside him. He was breathing so hard that it almost sounded like he was sobbing.

Flip stared at me with his big, round eyes as he gradually brought his breathing under control. "It's never felt like that when I've jerked off," he eventually panted.

"It was good then?" I asked, with a smile.

My question got a grin from him. "Yeah, it was good."

I grinned back, though I was strangely nervous. Even after what we had just done I wasn't sure about how he would react to what I wanted to ask. I decided to ask anyway. "Flip?"


"Can I kiss you?"

His grin faded as he thought about my request. "I guess so," he said shyly. Then a little more confidently, "yeah, I think I'd like that."

As I moved closer, my eyes were glued on those full red lips that only a short while earlier I had wished I could kiss. Flip's mouth twitched nervously as if unsure what to do. To help him along I put a hand on the back of his head and guided him towards me. Our lips touched, gently at first then more firmly. The tip of my tongue probed insistently at Flip's firmly closed mouth and eventually he parted his lips slightly to let me in. He momentarily tensed, then relaxed and I realised that he would be able to taste the remnants of the copious load of boy-cum that only moments earlier had filled my mouth and throat. I wondered briefly whether, like so many teenagers, he had experimentally tasted his own cum; from his reaction I guessed not. Banishing all these distracting thoughts from my mind, I gave my full attention to the beautiful creature in my arms.

Flip was not the greatest kisser in the world, but his youthful innocence more than made up for his lack of experience. To begin with he was more than happy to let me take the lead, but he was a quick learner and was soon giving as good as he got. When we pulled apart, Flip seemed almost disappointed that it was over. I smiled and gave him a another very quick kiss, our lips hardly making contact. "Don't worry, we've plenty of time," I reassured him. "If you wanna kiss some more then that's fine by me."

"I do want to kiss some more, but there's something else I want to try first," he replied.

I watched as he eased himself down from the worktop and dropped to his knees in front of me. He eyes were now on a level with my stiff cock and he licked his lips nervously as he watched it twitch. His intentions were quite obvious and I could feel my heart beginning to beat faster in anticipation.

"You sure you want to do this?" I asked him, not wanting him to feel that he was obliged to return the blow job he had just received, but at the same time willing him onwards.

Giving a small nod of his head, he reached out his hand and very gently wrapped his fingers around my shaft, pulling it down until it was pointing towards his mouth. With agonising slowness, he moved his head forwards, his tongue out. As the tip of his tongue made the briefest contact with the head of my dick, he jerked backwards, his tongue going back into his mouth.

Even that brief touch of his tongue made me groan with pleasure, but I was now desperate for more. "Try it again," I urged, breathlessly.

He gave me a smile. This time his approach was much more confident. He gave me a lingering kiss right on my piss slit and followed up by running his tongue across it. The shiver that passed through my entire body must have provided him with the encouragement to continue as he held my shaft upright against my stomach and starting at the bottom, over my ball sack, he ran his tongue slowly but firmly up the entire length.

I squirmed with pleasure. More than anything else, I wanted Flip to take my trembling cock into his mouth. The boy must have been a mindreader. As my throbbing manhood slowly disappeared into that hot young mouth I felt my knees begin to give way and had to support myself with my hands. The intensity of the feeling was incredible; some of the guys I'd been with had been pretty good cock-suckers, but I'd never felt anything like this. It wasn't so much that he was an excellent cock-sucker, he wasn't; his only practical experience had been the relatively quick blowjob he had received from me. Maybe it was his lack of experience and the fact that this was his first time that so turned me on. Whatever it was the effect was electric. His sweet lips were moving slowly up and down the top half of my shaft as he took care not to take in more than he could manage, but inside his mouth, his tongue was working overtime. I could feel the pressure building down between my legs and I clamped down on it, determined to hold it back as long as I could. My breathing was out of control and I could hear a voice moaning loudly. Dimly I realised that the voice was my own. It was no good. I just couldn't hold back any longer. With a cry, I felt the first burning spurt as it erupted from the head of my dick like lava from a volcano. Flip began to cough as his mouth was suddenly full of thick white fluid. Valiantly he tried to continue, but had to pull back. As my cock left his mouth it was still spurting cum, and several long streamers of it splashed across his cute young face, causing him to blink in surprise.

Even though I was panting for breath, it was an effort for me not to laugh. Flip, cum smeared across his lips, nose and cheeks, wore a puzzled frown as he tried to decide whether or not he liked the strange taste that filled his mouth. Taking him by the shoulders, I pulled him to his feet. "That was the best blow job I've ever had," I told him. Pulling his body tightly against mine, I kissed him firmly on the lips. My own cum didn't taste as good as his had done, but the fact that I tasting it from the lips of this beautiful boy made it like the sweetest nectar.

"You know what?" I said, as we broke the kiss.


"You're all sticky. I think you could do with a shower."

"You're sticky as well," Flip pointed out.

"So I am," I grinned. "How about we get in the shower together. Then after that I'm sure we can find something to do to pass the time. It's still raining outside so you can't go anywhere."

With any luck it would carry on raining for the rest of the day.


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