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Stories by Gymnopedies

Listed below are stories written and presented by Gymnopedies. You can either browse down the page, or click on the title of the story to be taken to a brief description of that story. Clicking on a story's banner will take you to the story itself.




An epic story featuring teenagers with amazing powers. A story of adventure and discovery, friendship and love. A story unlike anything that you've ever read before. Erotic, exciting, addictive. Enter the world of "The Corps" and nothing will ever be the same again.


So far, 18 chapters are complete. Click on the above banner to read this ongoing story.




Sixteen-year-old Jack gets a digital camera for his birthday. Jack has a crush on his fourteen-year-old brother, Chris, and tries to use the excuse of having fun with the camera as a way of getting Chris out of his clothes. Chris turns out to be more than a little shy. However, their younger brother, Alex, isn't quite so inhibited. In fact, it appears that when it comes to having his picture taken, Alex has very few inhibitions at all! The story follows the adventures of the three brothers and their friends, as Jack tries to achieve his ambition of getting his hands on Chris.

An ongoing story; so far eighteen chapters are complete and posted here. Chapter 19 is under way in the "Work In Progress" forum of my discussion board. To read this story, click on the above banner.




Thirteen-year-old Bryan is enrolled by his mother in a modelling Agency. Bryan isn't exactly enthusiastic about the idea, but agrees to give it a go. The story follows Bryan's experiences both at the agency and at home as he enters the new and sometimes scary world of modelling whilst at the same time struggling with the problems and insecurities of being thirteen.


An ongoing story. Ten chapters posted here. Chapters 11 to 28 are available in the "Work In Progress" forum of my discussion board. To read this story, click on the above banner.



A Naked In School Story. Darren volunteers to be a model for the Physical Development Demonstration (PDD) project, mainly because Tony Baker had done it and Tony claimed it had been "the easiest twenty quid he had ever made, and only a real wimp would be afraid to do it". Sixteen-year-old Darren soon finds himself standing naked in front of a class of twelve-year-old boys and his body being used to demonstrate the changes that occur when a boy passes through puberty. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough, he's surprised to discover that one of the boys in the class is his younger brother, Kevin.


The story is complete in two chapters. To read this story, click on the above banner.





A Naked In School Story. When Matt received a brown envelope containing details of his appointment with the School Doctor, the fourteen-year-old was understandably nervous about what this might involve. However, he had no idea just how embarrassing the experience was going to turn out to be.


The story is complete in two chapters. To read this story, click on the above banner.





A Naked In School Story. Fourteen-year-old friends Daniel and Jason find themselves enrolled in a year long research project to measure and record the changes in their physical and sexual development. Along the way, the boys discover much about themselves and about each other.


This novel-length story is complete in 26 chapters. Click on the banner to go to the story index page.




An imaginary fantasy in which the Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Sean Biggerstaff take time out from filming "Chamber of Secrets" to relax and have some fun. This is a single chapter, complete story. Click on the above banner to read.




James Bourne from Busted has to complete a dare given him by a fellow band member, but to do so requires him to overcome some serious inhibitions. This is a single chapter story. Click on the banner to find out what happens.




Now that he's a celebrity, Calvin's parents think that he would be better off going to a private school, but Calvin is determined to remain at his old school. However, his celebrity status has made him the target of a group of bullies, and one in particular, Tom Mallory, seems determined to make Calvin's life hell.


The story is complete in four chapters. Click on the banner to read.




Flip had always been just "the kid next door", until by chance, one rainy afternoon, he becomes much more than that. Click on the above banner to read this story.