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School Discipline - Index Page

The School Discipline theme will include a number of separate but interconnected story arcs and individual stories.



School Discipline is written by "The Balrog" (an alternative pen name used by Gymnopedies) - this means that the stories below may contain elements that some people could find offensive. They may include, but are not limited to: corporal punishment, non-consensual sex, and humiliation. Please do not read these stories if you are likely to find any of these elements offensive.






Discipline in schools has become a thing of the past. Teachers no longer have any real power to punish the students, and the students know it. Student behaviour is deteriorating at an alarming rate and the system is fast falling apart. In an effort to turn things around, special School Disciplinary Officers (SDOs) are introduced. Using a combination of physical punishment and sexual humiliation, the SDOs aim to both punish and deter. To start with, they are only responsible for the punishment of boys aged 15 to 18, but any boy in that age group who is referred to the SDO is in for a hard time!


Michael and Will (Story arc is complete in 7 chapters)


Michael 1  

16 year old Michael is abusive to a teacher and as a result becomes the very first person referred to the SDO's office. This chapter introduces the SDO system and can be read independent of the other chapters in this story arc.


Michael 2  

Two weeks after his first visit, Michael once more finds himself standing naked in the SDO's office. He is quickly made aware of the fact that the level of punishment increases with each visit.


Michael 3  

Will Harris, the school's Head Boy, catches Michael damaging school property. Should he refer the matter to the SDO, or should he take matters in his own hands?


Michael 4  

Will is becoming increasingly confused by Michael's behaviour.


Michael 5  

Will's frustration and emotional confusion boil over, with frightening consequences.


Will 1        

Will's downward spiral continues as the unthinkable happens - he finds himself in front of the SDO.


Will 2        

The dramatic conclusion of the Michael/Will story arc. Fasten your seatbelts...!



Nick and JC (Complete in a single chapter)

Fifteen year olds, Nick and JC, are hardly typical trouble makers. They both have good records and have never been in serious trouble before, so Josh is surprised when they turn up in his office accused of stealing. Unfortunately, their previous good behaviour doesn't excuse their crime and the boys end up being punished together. Before reading this story, I recommend that you first read "Michael 1" in order to get an introduction to the SDO system. This story is standalone, but does feature characters and references to other SDO stories and takes place between Michael 5 and Will 1. This story, whilst complete, is currently only available in the "Work In Progress" forum of my discussion board.



Luke (Coming soon)

Michael's younger brother, Luke, is completely out of control. He's abusive to his mother and his teachers, he respects no one, and he's always in trouble. Being just thirteen, it he thinks this makes him safe from the SDO's attentions...  Recommended prior reading, "Michael 1" and "Michael 2".



Suggestions for further addition to this series are welcome. You can contact me by email at or by visiting my discussion board.