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Michael 1

It was Josh Howard's first day as the School Disciplinary Officer at Redwood Secondary School and he was understandably nervous. He and five others had spent the past several months training for the new experimental SDO position. Each of the newly trained officers had then been assigned to a specially selected school. Josh had six months to prove himself. At the end of this time an independent assessment would be made to see if there had been any improvement in the students' behaviour and Josh's contract would be extended or terminated, depending on the outcome of that assessment.

For some time now there had been concerns about the declining standard of behaviour amongst students in schools. It had reached a stage where teachers had no real powers of discipline left, and the students knew it. Some of the students believed they could get away with just about anything and they frequently put that belief to the test. Something had to be done before schools descended into a state of complete anarchy. As a possible remedy to this situation, someone came up with the idea of a School Disciplinary Officer, an individual who would be fully trained to administer appropriate punishments. This could be straightforward physical punishment involving pain, or some form of humiliation, which had been proved to be a particularly effective punishment for teenage boys, or it could be a mixture of the two. It was Josh's job to put the idea to the test. At the moment the scheme only involved boys of age fifteen and upwards and was being tested in just six schools. Depending on results, it would be extended to include all boys of secondary school age and would eventually be applied in every school around the country. There was already talk of setting up a similar scheme for unruly girls, for which a female SDO would be employed.

Josh was twenty three years old, in good shape and generally considered good looking, with short brown hair, brown eyes and an easy smile. He had graduated from university with a good science degree, but no idea about what sort of job he wanted. He'd applied for the SDO position more as a joke than anything else, urged on by a couple of his friends, both of whom had also applied. A job disciplining teenage boys; what a way to earn a living! To Josh's amazement he made it through all the interviews and almost before he knew what was happening he had been accepted for the position and was starting an intensive training programme.

Now here he was, sitting behind his desk in his own specially equipped office suite, feeling a little apprehensive and wondering what to expect. It was the first day of a new term. That morning, all the boys in the school who were aged fifteen and upwards, or who were due to turn fifteen in the current school term, had been gathered together in the school’s assembly hall and introduced to Josh. They had then been given a brief talk by the Head Teacher on what they could now expect if they stepped out of line. No real details of the punishments had been given, only that they would be very uncomfortable and extremely humiliating. There had been a fair amount of giggling and laughter amongst some of the boys, who saw this as just another daft idea that would never be enforced. Though some of the laughter had died down a little when the Head Teacher had announced, rather dramatically, that for any boy over fifteen, the SDO's word was now law.

There was a beep from the computer on Josh's desk. He turned on the screen and brought up the newly arrived message. A boy called Michael Meadows was on his way for punishment after being verbally abusive to a teacher. It wasn't a serious crime, but the school now operated a zero tolerance policy as regards unacceptable behaviour amongst boys in the selected age group, and any breaking of the rules must be immediately dealt with in a suitable fashion.

This would be the first real-life test for the system. Each teacher carried a small handheld device, linked electronically to the school’s main computer system. If any student misbehaved, the teacher could use the device to summon two duty prefects, who were equipped with pagers informing them where they were needed. The prefects would then accompany the offender, restrained if necessary, to Josh's office. Meanwhile, the teacher would use the device to send a very brief report to the computer explaining the offence, and this report would then be immediately forwarded to the terminal on Josh's desk to tell him that an arrival was imminent.

While he was waiting, Josh called up Michael's records. The boy was just turned sixteen years old. He had a poor attendance record and his academic record was poor to average. However, he had previously represented the school in swimming, doing very well. This had been brought to an abrupt end when, during a competition, he had got himself into a fight with a boy from another school. It seemed that Michael had a history of being verbally abusive, even sometimes threatening, towards teachers, but had not so far crossed the line and resorted to physical violence. The boy appeared to be a prime candidate was Josh's attentions.

Glancing up at the small CCTV screen attached to the wall in the corner, Josh watched as Michael, accompanied by two prefects, entered the small anteroom. This was really a sort of "holding area", the only furniture being eight steel chairs spaced around the wall, bolted to both walls and floor. Each chair was equipped with padded wrist cuffs which could be used if a particularly difficult subject had to wait for any length of time. The whole set-up had been specially designed to intimidate.

Josh pressed a button on his desk intercom. "Fetch him straight in, boys," he said. He got up and opened the door to let them enter.

Michael walked sullenly into the room and the prefects followed, looking even more nervous than the boy about to be punished.

"Do we need to stay, or should we go?" one of the older boys asked.

Josh considered for a moment. "I think you'd better stay, for now anyway," he said, his eyes weighing up the sixteen year old. He had a feeling that because Michael did not yet have any idea just how much power the SDO had over him, the boy might attempt to be difficult. In which case having the prefects standing by could prove useful. Also, the older boys were sure to spread around the details of what they had seen, which should hopefully put at least a small element of trepidation into the minds of possible troublemakers once they knew what they might be in for.

"You're Michael Meadows?" Josh asked.

"Yeah," the boy nodded. There was a nervous tremor in his voice and it was immediately obvious that his apparent uncaring, sulky attitude was an act to cover up the fact that he was scared.

"Look at me, Michael," Josh demanded.

Michael raised his head. Scared he might be, but there was still a trace of defiance in his eyes. He wasn't especially tall for his age, probably about 5' 8'' with a slim build. He had centre parted, blonded hair, dark at the roots, which hung down over his eyes, partially obscuring a pale face that would have been cute if not for the forced sneer that twisted the corners of his mouth.

Josh met the boy's stare. "Listen to me carefully," he said, keeping his voice cool and steady. "While you are here, in this room, it's completely up to me what happens to you. Since this is your first visit here, if you follow instructions and do exactly as I say you'll get off fairly lightly. On the other hand, if you try to make things difficult then things can and will get much more unpleasant. Before we go any further I want to show you something." The man turned the screen on his desk around so that they could all see it and pressed a key to start a short video clip.

Michael's eyes widened as he took in the image on the screen. It showed a boy of around eighteen, naked, bent forwards over some sort of table, his hands restrained in front of him. He screamed aloud as a wooden paddle cracked down on his already bruised and battered arse cheeks. The boy's voice could be clearly heard as he tearfully begged his assailant to stop. As the paddle fell again the clip ended, cutting short another scream of pain.
"You can't do that to me," said Michael, his face suddenly even paler than before.

"Oh, but I can," said Josh. "At the moment I don't intend your punishment on this visit to be anything like as harsh as that. But if you don't follow my instructions you could very well find yourself in the same position as the boy you've just been watching." From the corner of his eye Josh watched the two prefects shuffle nervously from one foot to the other. The video had been as much a revelation for them as it had been for Michael. "You two can go now," he said, turning his attention to them. "I'll page you if I need you."

Looking extremely relieved, the two older boys hurried out.

"Right, let’s get down to business." Josh turned back to the sixteen year old. "Before we go any further, I want you to strip."

"Strip? You mean get undressed?" The teen's face registered complete shock at the instruction.

"You heard me. Strip. You have exactly one minute. If you aren't completely naked by then, your punishment level will go up a notch. Your time starts now." Josh glanced down at his watch.

"Fuck that. There's no way you can make me get undressed. Why should I?"

"I assume you were there this morning when the Head Teacher explained how things were going to be from now on," said Josh, calmly. "When you are in my office I can do almost anything to you that I want. If you won't get undressed voluntarily then I'll get the prefects back in here and they can help you. Being naked is the basic punishment, which would have been sufficient for you today. But your use of bad language means that you've now earned yourself a little extra. If you aren't naked by the time the minute is up, I'll be adding something else. You have less than thirty seconds left."

For several seconds, Michael stood, undecided, looking at Josh as if trying to work out whether the man was bluffing. Josh met the boy's gaze with a cold, hard stare.

The teen reached a decision. Muttering something under his breath he began frantically pulling off his clothes. Within seconds he was totally naked, standing with his hands covering his privates, his eyes fixed down on the floor and a scowl on his face. Discarded clothing lay scattered around him.

Michael looked down at his watch. "You cut that close, almost exactly a minute. It could have been a second or two over, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Unless, that is, you decide to give me any more trouble, in which case I'll change my mind and increase your punishment for taking too long. Pick up your clothes and put them on that table." He indicated a small table behind the door.

Keeping his eyes downcast, and trying to keep his groin hidden, the boy retrieved his clothes and placed them where he had been told before turning back to face Josh.

"That's better," the man said. "Now, I want you to stand up straight with your feet apart. Put your hands behind your head with your fingers interlocked and your elbows out. Keep your head up and look directly at me."

His face reddening, Michael moved into the requested position. The part that the boy seemed to find the hardest was raising his eyes to meet the man's, something that he had had no problem with whilst fully dressed. In fact, now that he was naked he suddenly appeared to have lost much of the arrogance he'd possessed when he had first entered the room. This was one of the reasons behind the enforced nudity which formed the basic first level of punishment; being forced to strip and stand with his naked body on display was enough to take the fight out of most teenage boys. Though in truth Josh had been surprised at just how quickly Michael had capitulated; the man had expected to have to work much harder to get the boy out of his clothes, and would have placed odds on having to call the prefects back. It would appear that this particular teenager was not quite as tough as he would have people believe.

Josh took a moment to have a good look at the nude boy in front of him. Michael had the typical slim, lightly muscled torso of a swimmer. Given that underneath the blond colouring he was dark haired, he had very little body hair. Apart from thin patches in his armpits and a small bush at the base of his cock, he had only a very light dusting on his arms and legs.
"Keep your eye's forwards," instructed Josh. Slowly he walked around the teenager, looking at him from every angle. The boy had a small cute, arse. As he passed it, Josh gave it a light slap.

"Argh! What are you doing?" Michael jumped and made as if to turn around. His cry had been one of surprise rather than pain as the slap had been far too light to hurt.

"Don't move," Josh snapped. "You don't move out of that position until I tell you to do so. You don't speak unless I ask you a direct question. Do you understand?"

"Yes," the boy replied, both looking and sounding frightened.

"Good." Josh had completed his circle and was once again facing Michael's front. "During every punishment you receive from me you will be naked. The level of punishment you receive will depend on what it is that you have done, but each time you are sent to see me, things will get gradually worse for you. The short video clip you saw showed one of the more extreme punishments; I hope I never have to use it on you, but I will use it if necessary. Many of the lesser punishments involve various levels of humiliation, these are limited only by my imagination and I can assure you that I have a very good imagination.

"As I said earlier, given what you did today, simple nudity would have been sufficient punishment for a first offence. However, there's also the small matter of the bad language you used when I ordered you to strip. This means that further punishment is required." Josh stepped closer and laid his fingertips on the boy's chest. He ran them lightly across one of the smooth pecs before taking one of the teen's nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezing lightly, just enough to be a little uncomfortable.

Michael gave a soft gasp.

"Don't speak," Josh warned. "If you do, your punishment goes up another notch." He released the boy's nipple and traced his finger's down Michael's chest and onto his stomach, feeling a muscle twitch beneath his fingertips. "You don't look like you're enjoying this," he said. "It must be pretty embarrassing for you having to stand there while I touch you anywhere I want." He lowered his hand still further until his fingers brushed against Michael's soft, uncut cock.

The teen took an involuntary step backwards. He made a soft sound in the back of his throat but managed to stop himself speaking. His eyes contained a mixture of anger and pleading.

"Stand still!" Josh raised his voice. He took hold of the boy's cock and used this as a handle to pull him back into his original position. "I told you not to move. I know you don't like me touching you like this, but that's too bad. Remember how it feels, because if you are sent to see me again it will be even worse; possibly much worse." He slowly began to squeeze and massage the soft organ in his hand. "Are you a virgin, Michael?"

"That's none of your business." The boy's voice trembled as he spoke.

"If I ask you a question, you answer it." Josh gave the cock in his hand a short tug.

"Argh! Don't please."

Josh ignored the fact that the boy had spoken when he shouldn't have and repeated his question. "Are you a virgin?"

"Sort of. I dunno."

"What do you mean, you don't know? What sort of things have you done?"

"I've played around a bit with a girl, that's all. I had a feel of her, she jerked me off. That's all."

"Did she make you shoot?"

"Yeah." The boy's face was flaming red. Though in spite of his intense embarrassment, his cock was starting to harden under Josh's touch.

"Ever do anything with other boys?"

"No, never!" Michael answered, quickly.

"When was the last time you had a wank?"

Michael briefly screwed his eyes closed, probably wishing that this was all over and that he was somewhere else. "Th...This morning," he stuttered.

"Ever done it with someone watching?"


"Well you'd better behave yourself, or that might change," said Josh. "I see from your file that you have a fourteen year old sister and a thirteen year old brother. How would you feel if I made you jerk off in front of them?"

"Please don't make me do that," Michael half sobbed.

"That's up to you. Stay out of trouble and you've nothing to worry about." Josh released the boy's dick and stood back to admire his handiwork. Michael's cock was now fully hard and stood pointing up at an angle from his body. It twitched spasmodically a couple of times. Josh allowed himself a tight smile. "I think you get the point," he said.

There were tears of helpless humiliation in boy's eyes. It confirmed Josh's suspicions that the kid wasn't anything like as tough as he tried to make out.

"Today's visit has been just a small taste of what is in store for you if you are sent to me again," said Josh, his moving up from the boy's dick to settle on his face. "I meant what I said about getting your brother and sister in here to watch your punishment. Think how you would feel if they could see you now and imagine how much worse it would feel if you were forced to play with yourself in front of them. And there are even worse things than that waiting for you." Josh paused and softened his tone. "After today, you probably think that all I'm concerned about is punishment. You'd be wrong. What I want most is to help you change your behaviour and get you off the slippery slope that you're on that could lead you into serious trouble. I don't believe you're a bad kid really, not yet anyway. But the longer you continue in the direction you are going, the harder it will be for you to change. Imagine how much easier and nicer life would be if you weren't in trouble all the time, and if you didn't always have teachers on your back. It could be like that. I'd much rather help you turn yourself around than be punishing you, but at the end of the day it's up to you.

"I want you to go away and think about what I've said and about what has happened today. If you decide you want to make that change and you think you might have trouble doing it on your own, for whatever reason, come back and see me and we'll have a talk about it. I can either be your friend or your worst nightmare; you can choose which. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yeah," said Michael, softly, with a nod of his head.

"Good." With a last look at the teen's now sagging erection, Josh crossed to the pile of clothing and tossed the boy's shorts across to him. "Cover yourself up, we're done for today."

As Michael dressed, Josh quickly typed some notes about the short session into the boy's file. His gut instinct told him that Michael could indeed be turned around, but he had a feeling that it would take a little more work yet; there was still a hint of anger and defiance in the boy's eyes.

"Remember what I've said, Michael. I hope you'll make the right decision." Josh held open the door for the boy to leave before returning to his desk. He was reasonably pleased with himself; his first session as SDO seemed to have gone pretty well, even if it was a particularly minor case. He rubbed his hands across the front of his pants where his erection was straining to break free. Michael was quite a cutie.

The story continues in "Michael 2"



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